5 Best Free Educational PC Games for Children

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Top 5 PC Games for Kids

Not too long ago in the past, video games were associated negatively with things like violence, laziness, and even addiction. With the progress of scientific data and research, it has been determined that even video games can be beneficial and educational for everyone, especially children! What’s even better is that there are a host of free PC games that you can download and keep, so that you won’t have to constantly find new ones for your younger children!If you’re curious to know what these games are and how they can be educational for children, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at our article on the 5 best free PC games so you can start integrating an educational aspect into the gaming sessions that you have with your kids! List of games.

Exploring Dinosaurs

Are your kids curious about these majestic creatures that once roamed the earth? If so, Exploring Dinosaurs is the perfect game for them! With its fun and educational mini-games, amazing facts about over 20 dinosaurs, and immersive visuals, young adventurers can explore the lost world of dinosaurs with ease. They’ll discover more about these prehistoric creatures than they ever thought possible – from Tyrannosaurus rex to Brachiosaurus – in a way that’s both entertaining and educational. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids while also indulging their curiosity and learning something new yourself! So join the exploration of these awe-inspiring creatures today and unearth the mystery of their existence with Exploring Dinosaurs!

Amazing Pyramids: Rebirth

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of archaeology? If so, Amazing Pyramids: Rebirth is your ticket to an immersive journey of discovery and adventure! From the blistering heat of the desert sun to the ancient civilizations that await you, this game is full of surprises. To uncover hidden treasures and solve lost mysteries, you must use your problem-solving skills to decipher complex logic and word puzzles. With gold, artifacts, and divine knowledge waiting for you, will you have what it takes to make it through?

Embark on this educational game that will challenge your skills and awaken your inner explorer! You’ll have to be brave enough to rise up to the challenge, but we know you can do it – and the rewards are sure to be worth the effort. So get ready to start your educational journey in Amazing Pyramids: Rebirth and let the adventure begin!


If you’re looking for an exciting and educational twist on the classic word game, then look no further than Nagiq! This innovative word game takes your word-matching skills to a whole new level. It offers over 100 levels of unique puzzles spread across five different islands. Each island has its own special rules to add even more excitement and challenge to the game, making it perfect for kids and the whole family.

Not only will you have hours of fun discovering hidden words, but you’ll also unlock bonuses as you become a master at this original word game. Unlock new levels, hone your skills, and challenge your brain while having hours of fun at the same time with Nagiq. Download it today and get ready to be amazed!

Star Arithmetic

Ever dreamed of saving the universe with just your Arithmetic skills? Star Arithmetics is the perfect game to put those dreamers to the test! This fun and interactive math puzzle game will keep you and your family occupied while improving your mental calculation capabilities. Exercise your brain in exciting new challenges, fast-paced levels, and creative problem-solving. Are you up for the task? Join us on a quest through space to fight evil, engage in resource gathering, and save the universe – all while testing your arithmetic capabilities. With lots of laughter and excitement guaranteed along the way, this is one experience you won’t want to miss. So put on your thinking cap and join the crew at Star Arithmetics – let’s see how far we can take your Arithmetic skills!

The Rainbow Machine

Discover a world of color and fun with The Rainbow Machine! Take on the role of Tobi, the brave explorer, on his quest to reclaim the rainbow machine from its devious captors. With over 140 levels of whimsical gameplay, from simple puzzles to perplexing challenges, you can explore six vibrant islands full of obstacles and evil kleptocrats. Use your wits and gadgets to rack up coins and make it through each level. Battle bosses, enjoy creative physics-based puzzles, and ultimately save the rainbow machine for all of us to enjoy! Bring the whole family along for this adventure – the Rainbow Machine awaits you!

How Video Games Can Be Both Educational and BeneficialFrom teaching children complex mathematical equations to inspiring them to delve deeper into the world of creative writing, video games have truly revolutionized the way we educate our children!

Whether it’s a fun and exciting puzzle game to hone problem-solving skills at home, or an immersive platform for teachers to bring students together to send them on an exploration into history or biology, these interactive pieces of educational software offer countless benefits from which everyone can benefit. It has been proven that children who engage with these tools are more likely to develop better motor and mental skills than those who exclusively interface with textbooks and assignments. So if you’re looking for ways to enhance your child’s education in a new, innovative way, why not explore the wonderful wonderland of video games at GameTop?

Playing educational games provides an exciting and effective way for children to learn. Not only can they have fun while learning complex topics, but playing these types of games can also lead to experiential learning that allows for increased engagement, focus, and motivation when learning. From building their motor skills to developing problem-solving strategies, kids can get a lot out of these games. They may even realize failure in some of the games is the best way to learn and grow! With educational games, children can gain knowledge while having a blast at the same time.

Additionally, children can also develop useful skills such as hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, quick decision-making, social skills, and more. These skills are invaluable in the development of children, and the best thing is, they can learn while having fun which free video games at GameTop can provide!