5 Things to Know Before Playing God of War

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
God of War Ragnarok

There is something about Greek and Norse mythology that truly fascinates people. We can see this through the fact that they have survived millennia and are still being represented in modern art forms around the world, such as music, art, online slots Canada, and of course video games like God of War. Kratos, the main character in God of war is a powerful demigod who rises to god status during his journey.

This gives him superhuman powers and skills, and he is known for being the master of warfare. The series in which he appears was previously centred around Greek mythology and legend, but in the next iteration it was based on the Norse canon and mythos.

New Weapon

Kratos now has a new weapon that fans surely love, the leviathan axe. The leviathan axe is a symbol of Kratos’ power and fighting spirit. With this, Kratos crushes his enemies and makes them tremble with fear. Thanks to its extraordinary abilities, the axe can be used both in close combat and medium-range combat by throwing it. This makes it an extremely versatile weapon.

In close combat, the leviathan axe is especially fast and effective, since it does considerable damage to the opponent. This allows the main character to attack using various combos to defeat his enemies even more easily.

Side Quests

It’s not only the main storyline that makes God of War an unforgettable experience. The side quests, such as “Animal Instincts” in Midgard or the “Weight of Chains” in Svartalfheim, are also worth completing. This rich world is worth exploring not only for the loot, but it enriches the players experience through all the lore and the worlds NPCs. There are also interesting locations and unique enemies to discover and fight. In short, side quests are an essential part of God of War and shouldn’t be ignored.

Realms of the North

The Realms of the North are a very spectacular and varied part of the game that follows the players’ path through the world. They offer adventure, exploration and battles against powerful enemies. The regions are full of deep myth and incredible landscapes to explore.

In doing so, the manufacturer has divided the game into nine areas in total, which include: Midgard, Alfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim, Muspelheim, Niflheim, Vanaheim, Svartalfheim and Asgard. From endless plains to fjords and waterfalls, the North offers players a seemingly endless variety of landscapes to explore.

Level and Experience

The maximum level you can reach in God of War Ragnarok is 9, which may seem unusually low for many, considering that other RPGs like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla allow a higher level. But Kratos levels up in God of War Ragnarok in a completely different way. Because here, the level isn’t regulated by experience points (XP), but is based on the equipment he wears. Weaker equipment lowers the level, while stronger equipment increases it.

Other Games Featuring God of War

The story of Kratos began back in 2005, when Santa Monica Studios first launched God of War. To date, the legendary series includes a total of 10 games based on mythological figures of the Greek and Roman gods. With the new part of the series, Kratos also boots through the mystical realms of the north.

From the very beginning, this action-adventure game has been considered one of the best from its genre. Gamers don’t have to rely on their luck during the breathtaking challenges in the game, but can secure the life of Kratos through deft skill.


God of War is an unforgettable experience in an incredible game world full of adventure and danger. The diverse conflicts, emotional moments and breathtaking landscapes are a wonderful journey to experience. Whether alone or with friends, God of War offers an exciting and unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.