7 Awesome Video Game Pre-Order Bonuses

 | By Yaroslav Moklyak
Dying Light Special Edition

Purchasing a new video game is an exciting event. The hours of gameplay and entertainment they bring and immersing yourself in another story and universe are hard to beat.

Sadly, sometimes games take a while to come to market. As such, pre-orders are the best way to ensure you don’t have to worry about the game selling out before you can get your hands on it once it finally releases.

To encourage players to pre-order their games, many development studios offer great pre-order bonuses or access to limited special edition bonuses. These allow you access to the game and a slew of excellent add-ons that make the game even better.

However, developers can take these bonuses to the next level, as proven by the seven top video game pre-order bonuses ever offered to players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Dark Edition

Call of Duty (COD) is one of the most iconic video game brands. It is played by millions of players internationally and has inspired many other games that try to match up to it.

Despite recent controversy over Microsoft buying the game’s developers, Activision, it is still famous for one of its past pre-order bonuses. The Modern Warfare Dark Edition was announced in 2019 as available for pre-order and came with a sizable chunk of merchandise.

Amongst this were a steel book (one of the most common bonus found in pre-order packs), in-game merchandise, and three operator packs. However, the return of branded night vision goggles made this edition stand out from almost any other pre-order bonus the series offers.

Grid 2 - Mono Edition

Every pre-order comes with something you can use each time you play the game. Sometimes they come with items you may use even when you’re not playing. One of those was the Grid 2 Mono Edition.

With a price tag of $190,000, you may be wondering what the pre-order pack could possibly come with that would justify such a price. The answer: your very own Grid 2 branded sports car.

Breaking the record for the most expensive pre-order special edition at the time, the purchaser of this pack received much more than only the game. They also got a BAC Mono Roadster alongside a console, the game, and a branded suit for racing that includes boots and gloves.

Dying Light - Special Edition

Getting a car may be awesome, but how about receiving an entire house? Because for the price of just $386,000, the Dying Light pre-order came with just that. Except, it wasn’t a house as much as a zombie-proof shelter.

Launched in 2015, developer Techland announced the special edition of Dying Light. The pre-order came with branded night vision goggles, two Razer headphones, a life-sized statue, parkour lessons, a roundtrip to the studio in Poland, and, quite literally, a shelter.

Built by Tiger Log Cabins, the shelter is designed to be the perfect hideaway for when the zombie apocalypse arrives and includes a TV, sound system, and game console to enjoy your time on the lam.

Resident Evil 6 - Collector’s Edition

Resident Evil will go down in history as one of the most iconic video games. With remakes across almost all generations of consoles, the game has been enjoyed year after year by new and old players.

With the announcement of Resident Evil 6, many fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on a pre-order confirmation. Most of these fans decided to spring for the extra cash and pre-order the Collector’s Edition—for a good reason.

The pre-order came with a replica of the famous leather jacket turned into a fashion by Leon in the game. This jacket gives players extra style, but the pack also came with four tablet covers and the beloved game that everybody has been waiting to try.

Krater - Victor Edition

Krater is by no means as popular as other titles available. In fact, the game struggled to gather a large following initially. However, the pre-order incentive offered if you purchased the Victor edition certainly stirred up some hype for the game.

Developed by Victor Magnuson, the Victor edition of the game cost around $12,500 for pre-order. With it, the developer who helped make the game would come to your home and cook you a meal.

While this option was only available for players in the UK, it remains one of the most unique and extraordinary video game pre-order incentives ever.

Saints Row IV - Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

Saints Row has always enjoyed popularity among many fans. These fans have almost always opted to pre-order new releases of the game so that they could enjoy them as soon as they came out. As such, it always almost offered great incentives.

However, with the launch of Saints Row IV, things may have gone a bit too far. For a staggering $1 million, players could bag the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition. And while it is no doubt awesome and possibly in need of a gaming guide to list all the features, it is insane to think of spending that on a video game pre-order.

The pack came with the game (of course), a life-size Dubstep gun, a day of spy training, plastic surgery of the player’s choice, a shopping trip with a personal shopper, a Lamborghini Gallardo (for a year), seven nights in Washington followed by seven nights in Dubai (flights included), a new Toyota Prius, and a trip to space with Virgin Galactic.

Dark Souls 3 - Prestige Edition

Receiving artwork and game maps as part of a pre-order is pretty standard. Alongside these is a steel case to hold the game, a figurine, the game’s soundtrack, and a ton of DLCs.

All these were included with the release of Dark Souls 3 – Prestige Edition, making it sound rather average than amazing or prestigious. However, one thing different in this pack made it stand out—and it wasn’t the collector’s box it came in.

Unlike other games that offer the game map on a nice piece of poster paper or similar, the game map in this pre-order box came printed on cloth and looked and felt like an original map. While many would have just tacked it to the wall, it was certainly something worth framing for fans of the game.