Albion Online Guide: Quests, NPC, Destiny Board

Albion Online

The Queen update, installed on January 20, 2020, is by far one of the most successful updates to Albion Online since its release, as evidenced by the steady increase in active players since January and a record of over 500,000 users as of May. On this occasion, I want to share with you life hacks for beginners and tell you a little about the game and my experience in it.

Where to get quests in Albion Online?

Albion Online

No quests. I was waiting for the typical MMORPG – “Kill 40 Skeletons and Collect 30 Skulls”. But there are no quests in Albion Online. Neither boring nor interesting — none. The only line of tasks is optional training at the very beginning. And at the same time, Albion Online did not lose in playability.

Where is the NPC?

Albion Online

The economy is in the hands of the players. There are no NPC traders in the game. Items are created and sold by players, they also change the game currency. Because of this, prices are determined by supply and demand. The shops that process resources and create items also belong to the players, and they will take money from you for use. If you don’t want to pay, buy a piece of land at an auction and open your own shop. Or build it on your personal island.

Play with a friend in any mood

Albion Online

The game offers personal and clan “islands” — locations on which the necessary buildings are erected. With such an infrastructure, you don’t have to pay for their use in cities. The development of the island is a game within a game, a small town building.

And also — one game, one server. “Do you play the game too? What server? Oh, no, I’m on the other, forget it ”- impossible conversation for Albion Online. There is one server for all platforms and countries.

Leveling mechanism or Destiny Board

Albion Online Destiny Board

The Destiny Board is the system that manages all of the game’s progress. In fact, this is a tree of achievements that open access to the creation and use of new items. If you scored, say, 9000 points, creating sickles of the second level — access to the third will open. Some Destiny Board achievements provide permanent bonuses, such as damage.

And it will also provide you with development in any direction. There are no races and classes in the game: you do not have to tank the whole game if you chose an orc at the beginning. Characters come to the world as equals. Players do not choose whether to spend their precious skill points — “strength or intelligence”. Only equipment determines the style of play.

Tired of being a magician — make a bow and go, there are no penalties for this. On the contrary, you will pump faster in a new direction, because you already know how to work with resources. There is no penalty for combining items of different classes either, collect incredible sets of equipment. Assassin with a book of spells and steel boots? Quite.


Sometimes I sigh over the graphics and grumble about the monotonous gameplay, but I don’t give up playing — Albion Online is catchy. The fact that the game is not like other MMORPG, because it abandoned many of the laws of the genre. That made it possible to develop in any direction and change this direction on the fly.

Perhaps she will hook some of you. And if not, you will at least get acquainted with the game, which is becoming an event in the world of online role-playing before our very eyes.

Let’s see what happens at the high levels.

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