Are the M2 Processors from Apple Better Than M1?

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Apple m2 vs m1 Processors Art

Technology enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the next release of products from top companies such as Apple. While the California-based tech giant has a stranglehold on the smartphone industry globally, it also has a significant presence in computing.

The Mac line of computers, including the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, are not as well-sold as Windows laptops. The same is true for Mac mini and iMac desktop computers, as Windows does tend to dominate in those areas.

However, Apple gives its users a lot of laptop performance if they are willing to pay the company’s high asking prices. As the M2 Pro line of Macbook Pros has come out, fans may be wondering whether they are getting value for money if they upgrade from an M1 Pro Macbook Pro or if they should hold out for the M3 version in a year or two.

Below is our comparison of the M2 processors from Apple, highlighting how they improve on the M1 line.

Choosing an Apple Laptop

When buying a new laptop, you often have to choose between various models on the market. If you are a fan of Apple computers, you have the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro line of devices.

Within those lines, you have the Macbook Air with the M1 chip and the Macbook Air with the newer M2 chip. There are also differences in the Macbook Pro line, with 13, 14, and 16-inch screen sizes, along with computers with the M1 Pro, M2, or M2 Pro chips inside.

Other differences are also present with the various computers, including the amount of RAM, storage space, screen resolution, screen brightness, and battery capacity.

Before you take any other conditions into account, you must decide if you want an M1 or M2 Apple computer.

Comparing the M2 to the M1

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A comparison of the M2 to the M1 is very interesting but ultimately not earth-shattering in its conclusion. Apple did an outstanding job with the M1, with most industry experts and computer buyers stating they were shocked at how much performance these devices gave compared to older-generation Apple or Windows computers.

The M1 was a generational leap, both in terms of performance and efficiency. M1 laptops also boasted a lot better battery life compared to previous Macbooks and most certainly compared to Windows laptops.

The M2 had a lot to live up to in this respect. While it did not disappoint or cause problems for Apple, it was not a dramatic improvement either. The M2 CPU has around 18% more horsepower than the M1. That is not a generational difference and is a change most users would barely notice.

Are There Graphics Processing Differences?

People who do a lot of photo and video editing or have many video streams running at once may want to know about the graphics processing capability of newer Apple laptops. The M2, compared to the M1 in this regard, is not a huge change, but it is better than its CPU performance.

The GPU performance of the M2, versus power, is around 35% higher compared to the M1 line of computers. For instance, if you were to buy a Macbook Air with an M2 chip, you can expect 30% or better GPU performance compared to M1-powered Air laptops.

Other Improvements on the M2 Laptops

One of the changes that will make fans happy is that you can now go up to 24GB of RAM on laptops with the M2 chip, compared to laptops with the M1 chip. Such a difference is not as significant for the Pro line, as the M1 Pro could already do up to 32GB of RAM, which is more than enough for 99% of users.

Choosing a Computer to Purchase

The ultimate question is whether you should invest in an Apple laptop with the M1, M1 Pro, M2, or M2 Pro. Suppose you do regular tasks on your computer, such as browsing the web, loading a few applications, and occasionally editing a photo or video. In that case, you will be happy with either the M1 or the M2.

Choosing either is a personal preference, as the M2 laptops are a bit more expensive. You do, however, get a better screen brightness and a newer design for that additional cost. Buyers are also encouraged to get more recent devices, as they are supported longer and hold better resale value in a few years.

If you are a professional user or an enthusiast who runs your machine hard with many demanding programs, you will want to buy a Macbook Pro with either the M1 Pro or the M2 Pro chip. You may even want to go all the way to the M1 Max or the M2 Max, but those are overkill for most buyers.