Card Based Mini-Games From the World of Video Gaming

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Card Based Mini Games

Card games are among the earliest forms of entertainment enjoyed by many people. Mini-games have recently joined the ranks of card games and those board games, magic acts, narrative, utility, and so on.

So many games have opted for card games to provide a satisfying distraction to players. Quite often, mini-games are as vital to the experience as the central gameplay loop. This article will look at some of the famous card-based mini-games.

Red Dead Redemption

Many consider Rockstar Games’ western-inspired open-world adventure, which debuted in 2010, among the most formative games of the current generation. Poker is a major part of Red Dead Redemption and its sequel.

The game follows the no-limit Texas Hold ’em rules, and gamers can find tables in various settings, including saloons and online. Early in a poker game, you can make a lot of money quickly, but you could lose if you don’t comprehend the rules and tactics. Luckily, American citizens can learn how to play poker online USA on the best online poker sites.

Caravan Fallout

Many fans of the modern Fallout games consider New Vegas to be the series’ crowning achievement because of its incredible role-playing and decision-making depth. A caravan is a card game that can’t be avoided because it’s set in New Vegas.

A lot is going on here, with lore terminology and real-world references, and it can make the game seem extremely intimidating at first. The ‘Caravan’ consists of three stacks, each referred to as a track. Your caravan’s track should have a value ranging between 20- 27, but the optimal should be 26, so you can sell them off.

The Witcher

While The Witcher 3 has received praise for its plot, environment, and soundtrack, among other things, Gwent is considered one of the game’s most robust features and the simplest to become lost in. The big grin and affirmative nod an NPC delivers to Geralt when he asks, “Up for a round of Gwent?” is instantly recognizable to any player.

You play this game by collecting and upgrading a deck of cards to increase your chances of winning until either your competitor loses a round or you both run out of cards. The board features siege, ranged, and melee stages.

Players compete in tournaments worldwide as you journey to acquire cards for your ever-growing deck. The popularity of Gwent led to the development of a Thronebreaker and a freemium model.


Like Blackjack, the goal of Pazaak is to get as near to 20 as possible to win each of the game’s three rounds. Each player takes a turn receiving a card from the dealer and then playing one of four cards drawn randomly from their hand. Pazaak’s addition and subtraction of cards, which can help you avoid going beyond 20, are the game’s most intriguing features.

Triple Triad

Each player on a triple triad receives five cards given face down and plays on a 3×3 grid. There’s a blue side and a pink side to the card. The monsters in the game served as the inspiration for these cards.

Each player must choose a color and then decide on the grid. The compass rose on each card comprises four different integers from 1 to 9. An ace is worth ten.

Accumulating a large stack of cards of your color is a win. There is a one-per-turn limit on card reversals. Five cards are all that’s required for a game of triple triad.


There is a lot of money to be made in the industry of video games, which keeps growing. However, keeping gamers invested in open-world games is not always easy. Mini-games, tacked onto the end of the main game but entirely optional, are a common way for programmers to keep players engaged.