Cookie Cutter Announcement – Techno-Pop-Punk 2D Metroidvania

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Cookie Cutter

While the metroid fans are meekly waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong, they are happy to announce more representatives of the genre. One of them is Cookie Cutter from Subcult Joint studio and publisher Rogue Games.

Cookie Cutter will be available in 2023 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

Game Trailer

The Main Plot of Cookie Cutter

The main character of the game is Cherry, an android girl working on a combination of high technology and soul. Her creator and the love of her life, Dr. Shinji Fallon, has been kidnapped by a deranged lunatic, and Cherry is going to get even with him. Thanks to the Razu mechanic, the heroine will turn from companion to killer.


According to the developers, Cookie Cutter’s gameplay is everything metroid fans expect: exploring a huge world, solving riddles, dynamic battles with ordinary enemies and giant bosses, and platforming. In battles, the android uses a rich arsenal of skills and weapons, including chainsaws, plasma cannons, guitar slides, mech fists and motorcycles.

Other features of the Cookie Cutter:

  • High level of violence
  • Lots of colorful characters with crazy dialogue
  • Bright two-dimensional graphics
  • Emphasis on accessibility – the game will suit users with any skill level

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