CSGO Coinflip vs Roulette

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

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The online gambling industry has always been a standard of what a successful business segment must look like, but the introduction of CS:GO-themed casinos took this pattern to another level.

With the introduction of games like CSGO roulette, Coinflip, Crash, and other fresh gambling options, these websites allow users to use CS:GO skins as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals.

In this article, you will have a full comparison between CS:GO coinflip and roulette.

Coinflip vs. Roulette - Which One is the Best CSGO Gambling Option?

CSGO Coinflip

It is impossible to find someone who never saw people playing “heads and tails” or any type of coin-tossing game. This ancient form of entertainment was adapted to the modern concept of CS:GO gambling sites and became a huge hit.

There’s no simpler game to understand than CS:GO coinflip – a virtual coin has two distinct faces. This game is disputed between two gamblers, which must place a bet and choose one face of the coin.

After the coin is tossed, the face on which the coin falls is the winner’s spot. The player who chose the lucky side is declared the winner and can take the total prize home.

To ensure the transparency of the results, most CS:GO gambling sites offer a Provably Fair system that allows players to check the authenticity and randomness of all results.

Unlike many casino-like games where players compete against the house, CS:GO coinflip puts two gamblers face to face to dispute who the luckier one is.
Depending on the site you choose to wager on, you can either select an opponent from the game lobby or the site will automatically assign another gambler for a dispute.

Despite being heavily dependent on luck and chance, CS:GO coinflip does not work like Crash, Roulette, or other games with a broad range of odds. The odds are always high, as players have a 50% chance to either win or lose everything.

This risky approach and the rapid motion of the game fascinate a lot of players who like simpler gambling options with high-hazard high-reward chances.

It is worth noting that gambling responsibly is even more crucial in this type of situation, considering chances of an eventual loss increase significantly.

CSGO Roulette

An iconic symbol of casinos and gambling in general, the roulette game is listed among the first high-hazard games created for pure entertainment. Traditionally, both physical and digital casinos feature a multi-colored roulette numbered from 0 to 36.

This game has several versions such as European roulette, American roulette, Double Ball roulette, and many others. CS:GO roulette is an adapted version of the traditional game with a few unique features.

Instead of more than 30 numbers, the standard CS:GO roulette features 15 spots with three different colors – one representing Counter-Terrorists (CT), one representing Terrorists (T), and one single spot representing the house.

There’s no complexity involved in the game, as all players have to do is select a spot and place a bet on it. Once the wheel starts rolling, the platform’s Random Generator Number (RNG) will randomly select the winning spot.

The player who chose the selected spot is the winner and can take the prize home. One of the secrets of smart gamblers is to manage one’s bankroll as efficiently as possible and place bets strategically.

Many players like to use the Martingale, the Paroli, or the D’Alembert systems, but none of them will increase your winning chances in a Provably Fair gambling site. At the end of the day, the results depend exclusively on pure chance and luck.

Should I Wager on CSGO Coinflip or Roulette? - Final Thoughts

While both CS:GO coinflip and roulette are high-paced gambling options with goods payouts available, the best option for players who want to multiply their bets within a few precise shots is wagering on roulette.

For players who like fixed odds, no CS:GO gambling game will be as pleasant as a solid coinflip session. Since the latter always follows the 1 vs. 1 format, the odds are always 50/50 for each player.

If you are wagering to win CS:GO skins, roulette games tend to have nicer payouts than coinflip in terms of value.