Death Stranding 2 Official Announcement

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Death Stranding 2
Fans have been waiting for this for a long time, and they’ve waited! At the 2022 Game Awards, Hideo Kojima revealed the game he’s been hinting at for the past few months. It will be Death Stranding 2, the official sequel to the first part of Death Stranding!

Game Trailer

The Death Stranding 2 trailer was one of the longest at The Game Awards, and is full of ambiguous scenes that have fans pondering the game’s meaning.

New Actors

In recent months, we’ve been getting teasers previewing this announcement, introducing several of the actors who will appear in Death Stranding 2, such as Elle Fanning. We didn’t see much of a new cast in the Death Stranding 2 trailer, but we did see a new masked man playing guitar, possibly portrayed by famous video game voice actor Troy Baker. In essence, he looks like the warrior Doof from Kojima’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

Game Plot

It is confirmed that Sam Porter Bridges and Fragile, portrayed by Norman Reedus and Lea Seydoux, will return for the sequel.

Although much of the trailer focuses on Fragile, one exchange of lines between Fragile and Sam near the end suggests that we’ll be getting back into Sam Porter Bridges’ own boots: “It’s time to hit the road and start a new journey.”

Speaking on stage after the Death Stranding 2 trailer, Hideo Kojima said that he actually wrote the plot for this sequel before the Covid-19 pandemic… and then rewrote it when the pandemic hit. “I didn’t want to predict the future anymore, so I rewrote it,” he joked through a translator.