The Real Face of the Doom Hero was Shown

Doom Hero Helmet

The network showed the face of the protagonist of the Doom shooter series, known as Dumgai or the Executioner of Doom, in reality as a living person. The look of the real face of the famous hero shocked many Doom fans.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the network resource Reddit showed how Dumgai’s face would look from the very first Doom (1993) game, if he were a living person. To do this, the author took the original pixel image of Dumgai, and several times transformed it with the help of advanced neural networks and improvements based on artificial intelligence.

He showed the results on new frames with live Doomgai in reality, shocking fans of the game series. Fans admitted that they had not yet seen such a realistic Dumgai. In just a few hours, the new publication gained more than 60 thousand pluses from network users and fans of the Doom series.

Doom hero face

In the comments, Doom fans started discussing Doomgai’s appearance in reality. Users noticed that the hero looks like any general or other military man from the militants, for example, Colonel Quoritch from the sci-fi movie “Avatar” by James Cameron. Others joked that Dumgai actually looks exactly like their father. Fans also wrote that they now want to see the film with just such a Doomgai in the title role.

It is worth noting that in 2019 the second adaptation of the shooter called “Doom: Annihilation” with little-known actors was released. The film received not the best reviews, but overall it was considered better than the first film with Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson), released back in 2005.

Doom Hero

The last game in the series at the moment was the shooter DOOM Eternal, released a month ago. The project received high marks from critics, but many fans of the first part of Doom found the game worse than its predecessor, and were not satisfied with it.

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