Dragon Age 4 Will Show at the Game Awards 2020

Dragon Age 4

The Game Awards organizer Jeff Keely announced that BioWare’s next Dragon Age will be shown during the ceremony. Along with this, he showed a fresh poster for the game.

The announcement came against the backdrop of yesterday’s news that the head of BioWare Casey Hudson and the executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise, Mark Darrah, voluntarily left the company, leaving the development of all projects “in good hands.”

A week ago, by the way, the so-called Day of Dragon Age was celebrated. In honor of him, BioWare has presented four stories from the writers of the fourth part of the RPG, which hint at the story of the sequel:

  • “Next” – by Brianna Battay;
  • “On the Ruins of Reality” – by John Dombrow;
  • “Wake” by Mary Kirby;
  • “Shadows of Minrathous” by Cheryl Chi.

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The new Dragon Age, according to EA, will be released in about two years, and The Game Awards will begin on December 11 at 03:00 UTC.

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