Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands Add-On Announcement

Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands

The good news to all lovers of the Elder Scrolls Online! Recently, at the presentation of Xbox and Bethesda Games, were announced the ESO add-on – Deadlands, as well as a major game update.

ZeniMax Online studio told some more details about what awaits players in the new DLC, and also pay attention to patch 7.2.0 – updates are available on the public test server.

What's Included in the Deadlands DLC

The major expansion pack, The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands, will be the final adventure in the history of the Gate of Oblivion, in which players can explore the kingdom of Oblivion, owned by the Daedric Prince of Destruction.

The size of the new area will be comparable to the areas of the “Markarth” and “Dragon Hold” expansions. Players have already had a glimpse into the realm of Mehrunes Dagon in previous ESO titles, but for the second time in the series’ history, this Daedric realm will be available as a separate explorable area of ​​the game!

In the new Deadlands add-on, players will have access to:

  • New zone with powerful bosses
  • New sets of items
  • New collectibles, clothes and paints
  • New furniture
  • New achievements and titles

Base Game Update

In addition to DLC, the developers have prepared a major update to the base version of The Elder Scrolls Online: various mythical items, a new weapon system, support for Nvidia DLSS and DLAA, and much more. A complete list of innovations is available at the link, and below you can find the most important ones.

Base Game Updates:

  • Weapon system – allows you to quickly save builds of characters and easily switch between them
  • Controlled item drops – more chances of getting things that you don’t have
  • New mythical items
  • New markers on the map
  • New houses
  • Setting up the music during the battle
  • Supports Nvidia DLSS and DLAA

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