Epic Games Store New Giveaway Launched

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Epic Games Giveaway

As promised, on May 5, the Epic Games Store digital distribution service launched a new giveaway of free games. The first game was Terraforming Mars, which you can add to your game library now. It will be available until May 12th.

From May 12 to May 19, players will have access to 2 more free games – Jotun: Valhalla Edition and Prey.

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is an adaptation of the board game of the same name. The gamer needs to take control of a corporation of a certain specialization and compete with AI / other people in changing Mars to the needs of mankind.

The turn-based strategy was released on PC, iOS and Android. The project did not attract enough attention from journalists, but it received 74 out of 100% from Steam users: the rating was lowered due to the abundance of bugs and the excessive severity of the in-game timer.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Jotun is a drawn action game about exploring the world based on ancient Norse mythology.

The main character in the game is the girl Thora – a brave warrior who died a death unworthy of a real Viking. Now she needs to win back a place in Valhalla.

Step over the threshold of the Viking Purgatory, find the runes that awaken the jotun giants from sleep, challenge the giants and win your right to sit at the same table with Odin!


Prey is a first-person sci-fi action game. Players in the role of Morgan Yu will have to explore the space station Talos-I, on which there was a certain catastrophe, and most of the personnel died. The station is partially destroyed, and monsters – typhons – roam everywhere.

Moreover, Morgan does not remember anything, and therefore he is forced to explore the world around him most of the time, look for fragments of stories and the causes of the crash, solve technical problems at the station, make something, upgrade the hero, hide and fight.

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