Features Experienced Gamers Love To See In Video Games

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Video Games Features

Gaming requires you to input your skills and knowledge into the mission. You will need to put your analyzing and decision-making skills to the test. But there is no better way to develop these skills, which can benefit other areas of your life.

Maybe you will analyze the stats to see which factors contributed to a win in the last season. Or, you might find a correlation between the weather conditions and wins. Many people love the fact that gaming helps them improve their skill set. Therefore, they will use the available no deposit bonus to explore games and find their favorite. In addition, they will love to see improved features that will enhance their experience.

The game features will significantly impact the overall experience. In this post, we reveal the most desirable features gamers will love seeing in their favorite games!

Basic Controls

Playing a video game on a mobile device can be challenging, especially if the game isn’t well designed. Gamers are keen on simple controls that will enhance their mobile experience. At the same time, the controls should allow for proper functions but enable easy use. The design of the mobile screen itself doesn’t allow for extensive options. Therefore, game developers should add simple controls that are ready to use.

Sound Setting

We can all agree that some games come with annoying sounds. Even though the sound will alert you, it might wake up your spouse. Therefore, simple sound settings are a must for every game. The user can easily adjust the sound to their preference and enjoy the game.

Rewards for Winning

Rewards are in human psychology. Every gamer would love to receive some kind of a prize for their achievements. Online casinos offer bonuses for winning, which motivates the player to return. This practice should be applied to a wide range of mobile games for the best results. However, the prize doesn’t have to be money. Maybe players can win special features or objects to help them during the game. Or, they can win coins for their in-app purchases. A user that feels rewarded for his achievements will feel accomplished and likely return to the game.


Accessing all the game functions through the mobile screen might be challenging. Therefore, developers should include transparent icons to improve the gaming experience. The gamer shouldn’t be in doubt about the icons, as each should be clear enough about its functions.


A game without a pause button can become very frustrating to play. After all, we are all human beings and have other responsibilities to solve in the meantime. The fact that we play games on our smartphones makes things even more complicated. Imagine how you would feel if you had an incoming call while playing your favorite game. If there is no pause button, you will have to lose your game progress and answer the call. A simple pause button will solve many headaches allowing you to resume the game whenever possible.