Games For a Casual Gamer

03.07.2022 | By Yaroslav Moklyak

Games for a Casual Gamer

Even though a great deal of adults fancy playing their hand in traditional casino games, there are those who are not as acquainted with the rules and strategies of the more complicated casino games such as blackjack and poker. This will ,more often than not , leave these players a little nervous about placing their bets on these table games. In this feature we look at the very best games that are perfect for beginners, all of which you can find on Legal Gambling Sites for all bettors, especially Thai.


The rise of digital scratch cards have become a massive favourite for casual players at online casinos. These cards are now available as online digitized versions of the widely popular instant-win scratch cards one would normally find over the counter from a local news agency, some convenience stores and lottery outlets.

Online scratchies can be played quite similar to their land-based versions. However, instead of scratching on metallic panels by using a coin or sharp object, the player only needs to click on their mouse or tap on the screen to reveal the prizes that could be lying in wait. Scratchies normally necessitate that the player corresponds with three panels to receive their immediate winnings. This simplistic method has made this instant win game one of the most convenient real money games that are available to play.

By using state-of-the-art these games are packed with a lot of engaging and fun animation. Other software developers have even gone as far as adding their own entertaining twists as far as gameplay is concerned thus creating a much more alluring experience than the actual scratch card versions. Scratchies has been helmed as one of the most unsurpassed casual games where players can get their hands on real money.


Since the inception of online casinos, the limits of the often overcrowded bingo halls have been lifted. Having included casual bingo games at online casinos has breathed new life into the popularity of bingo, it has even been likened to a younger generation in contrast to previous years.

To play this casual game, players need to buy bingo cards with randomized allocated numbers. They simply need to observe as numbered balls are drawn from a hop to see if you have acquired the same as any of the numbers and winning combinations displayed on their bingo card. In the digital version playing , the software does all of the work. Therefore players needn’t be concerned about missing a number being announced, or being able to observe a winning combination.


Similar to actual keno, the computerized version of keno is played by letting the player pick up to 20 numbers from one to 80 and have them marked on a card.
As soon as the player has placed their bet they only need to click on the play button and the 20 winning numbers will be selected from the pot.

In case the player was able to match any of their selected numbers, they will receive an instant cash prize. This is of course in contingent with the matches they have made, which is based on a pre-existing payscale.

This game does not require any skill or form of strategic thinking, players only need to try their luck and hope for the best.


Casual gamers will easily discover a whole lot of many other casual games at online casinos. Many of the titles are mixed bags of scratch-its and pokies, on the other hand other titles have found common ground videos that favour more of an arcade style feeling. The vastness of casual games that can be played differs at every casino. Simply look out for the “casual” or “other” games category of any valued online casino to have a look at which casual games are on offer.