Greyhill Incident Trailer: Alien Survival Horror

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Greyhill Incident

Greyhill Incident is a survival horror game. An ordinary guy, Ryan Baker, will have to take on the unusual task of fighting back against aliens: It’s 1992, a small neighborhood in the remote village of Greyhill is disturbed by the paranormal phenomena that have occurred in recent days. They are afraid of ending up in a psychiatric yard. So they decide not to call the police, but instead prepare by boarding up the windows of their houses and starting a neighborhood watch. But do boarded-up houses really help when it comes to an absolute alien invasion?

Greyhill Incident Trailer

All means are good against uninvited guests – stealth or a baseball bat to hit a big-eyed face. You will also have a revolver at your disposal, but the shortage of ammunition has not been cancelled.

But the best help in battle will be the neighbors, with whom you can communicate by radio. If you knock on their doors, you will get additional information and fire support while exploring the open locations.

The developers promise unique characters, including Brandon aka Veteran and your crazy brother Bob.

Greyhill Incident launches in Spring 2023 on Steam.

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