Hero: Short Film About the New Hero of Apex Legends

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Hero Apex Legends
A couple of weeks before the launch of the next season of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts traditionally start shooting back with a line of trailers. Today, a short film from the “Stories from the Outlands” series was released, dedicated to the character who will appear in the upcoming season of “Saviors”. As a reminder, the update includes:
  • New legend – Newcastle.
  • A mysterious change on the Storm Location map. A word to the developers: “What treasures lie hidden on the shores of the Place of the Storm? Be alert and stick together – even dead animals can be dangerous.”
  • Redesigned ranking system that rewards teamwork and excellence.
  • The Season Battle Pass, featuring legendary skins, variable liveries, and more.
The Saviors Season will launch on May 10th, with EA and Respawn showing a gameplay trailer for the update on May 2nd.

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