Horizon: Zero Dawn: PC – Version Trailer and Technical Issues List

Horizon Zero Dawn PC

That’s all, Horizon: Zero Dawn has finally ceased to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive along with the release on computers. This line is carried out, including the release trailer for the PC version.

The game is available for purchase at the following stores:

Steam — $49.99;
Epic Games Store — $49.99.

Recall that PC players immediately received the complete edition, which, in addition to all sorts of items, includes the addition of The Frozen Wilds. You can learn more about the composition of the Complete Edition at this article, where you will also find the system requirements and features of the computer version.

If the only thing stopping you from purchasing is the quality of the port, then it may be worth waiting a little. Both the Digital Foundry specialists and the early players unanimously insist that the game has enough technical problems. Among the most frequently mentioned are unimportant optimization and regular crashes.

Guerrilla Games already knows about the rough edges and even warns about some of them:

  • Anisotropic filtering settings do not work. According to the developers, fixing this problem is one of the first priority tasks;
  • On some systems, there may be small “freezes” while traveling the world, updating the interface and quests and changing the camera angle in cutscenes. This is also one of the main problems that should be corrected in the near future;
  • Certain animations only work at 30 fps, even if the game is running at a higher frame rate. The authors are investigating the issue to address it in an upcoming update;
  • Compiling shaders when you first start the game (by the way, it takes 10-15 minutes) can lead to an error if there is less than 2 gigabytes of free space left on the drive.

So far, developers recommend installing the latest drivers for the video card and waiting for patches.

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