How to Get Free Cases and Keys in CS:GO in 2023

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

CS:GO Cases

There are different ways to get and open free CS GO cases. All of these methods have their own characteristics. At the moment, special sites are popular. With their help, users get free CSGO cases and open them. Next, we will consider this issue in detail.

Can You Open CSGO Cases Without Keys?

For many users, the question of CSGO how to open cases for free remains relevant. Some sources report that you can open cases without keys. It should be noted right away that it is technically impossible to open the case without a key. Valve receives income from the sale of keys.

On some services, users can get keys to solve this issue. Now there are more and more such sites, so users should choose only reliable and secure portals. In this article, we will focus on the question of how to get free cases and keys in CSGO.

CS:GO Cases: What Can You Get?

Gamers can buy or get free CS GO cases. These are special items in the game space that contain game elements. Each case uses certain skins, they cannot be obtained without a key. Users can get free CS:GO keys on special sites for performing certain actions. There are no other methods for opening cases.

The cooler the skins are in the case, the more interesting it becomes for the user. Such a virtual box may contain a unique knife or the most ordinary skin that no one will buy even at the lowest price.

How Much are Keys in CSGO?

There are several nuances that affect the cost of keys in the game. The price directly depends on the number of cases and its type. If the key has several thousand copies, then it will have a minimum cost.

The average price of a key for this discipline is in the range of 3-10 dollars. If the keys cost less than this amount, then they are classified as cheap. At the same time, most users want to get CSGO keys for free or at a price of less than $1. Now such prices are a rarity.

How to Receive a Free Case?

All players can get free CS GO cases. To do this, you must directly start the game and confront opponents. In this case, you still need to buy a key to unlock the case.

On some sites you can get such gifts. Many users do not know how to get free CSGO cases and keys, so they fall victim to scammers. We advise you to work with reliable services that have credibility among gamers. For example, for registering or performing any actions, they give free CS GO cases.

How to Use Items from Cases?

You still don’t know how to get cases in CSGO for free? In this case, you need to play Counter-Strike. For the gameplay, rewards are given for completing the mission or a reward is randomly generated. These are free cases, but to open them you need to buy keys that are available in the Steam store. The gamer does not know what he will get after opening it.

Each case has its own list with skins that can be in the case. These items differ according to various criteria, such as rarity. Often gamers get very cheap skins. At the same time, one should not forget about special sites for receiving such rewards.

What is the Cheapest Key CSGO?

Let’s answer the question, can you get CS GO cases for free. Now some cases are free. For most cases, you need to have a key. The cost of a key depends on the value of the resources it contains. Free cases may also contain rare skins.

Can You Get CSGO Cases for Free?

The cheapest in-game key on the Steam market is $2.43 and is used for Operation Hydra. In 2019, the cheapest key cost $0.07, and it could open CSGO Prisma case 2.

From this we can conclude that in 2019 the keys were much cheaper. On third-party sites, the key for Operation Hydra has a price of $1.60. Every year the price of the minimum key increases.

The Best 9 CSGO Case Opening Websites

Now free CS GO cases can be obtained on various portals on the Internet. Next, we’ll take a look at the 9 most popular sites to implement these steps.

  • Farmskins: Every day, gamers are offered a bonus case that brings interesting skins. It is also worth noting that money is quickly withdrawn here and you can use cryptocurrency.
  • CSGOLuck: Resource clients can expect to receive 5 free cases. There are also daily gifts and supercharged cases. You can work with the site in a mobile application.
  • DaddySkins: This resource is used by CSGO veterans. The site has a user-friendly design and offers customers some special features.
  • DatDrop: Free bonus cases are available to gamers. For loyal users, an advantageous system of discounts and gifts is offered.
  • Hellcase: New customers receive a welcome bonus of $0.70. Prizes are drawn daily.
  • CSGOFast: Players are given a free gift of $1.50. The site has a huge selection of cases.
  • G4Skins: The system gives a gift of 5% on the first deposit. The site has a high-quality design, which attracts users. The range of skins is very huge.
  • Keydrop: Beginners get a gift of $0.55. A +10% bonus is offered on deposits.
  • GGDrop: Registration is available using a personal Steam account. An interesting system of promotional codes is used to receive gifts. Standard and premium cases are available.

Which Method is Better?

Many CS enthusiasts are looking for different ways to get free CSGO cases. Below in the table we will look at what type of site for receiving gifts is the best.

  1. Reviews: Good reviews confirm the reliability of the resource
  2. Free prizes: When completing daily tasks, you can get rich
    Welcome gift/deposit
    Some site administrators attract users with welcome gifts and deposit bonuses
  3. Draws: These are regular lotteries, the level of gifts depends on the number of users


Opening cases is a very interesting and gambling process. Gamers can get a rare or coveted skin. Many sites for opening cases perform their services qualitatively and give players bonuses.