All Mass Effect 1 Cheats

Mass Effect 1 Cheats

How to Activate Console to Use Mass Effect Cheats:

Mass Effect 1 Cheats are very easy for activating. You just need to find a file BIOInput.ini, then go to My Documents \ Bioware \ Mass Effect \ Config folder and open it with Notepad. Find the [Engine.Console] block and at the end of this block add the line ConsoleKey = Tilde. Save the file, launch the game and press the tilde (~) to bring up the console on the screen. Type the codes below.

Please note that sometimes the game may give an error message asking you to reinstall yourself. In this case, just click OK and start Mass Effect again.

List of Mass Effect 1 Cheats

fly flight mode
walk disables the previous mode
ghost passing through walls
giveall gives all weapons and items
givesuperarmor super armor
givesupergun superweapon
givexp x gives x experience
setparagon x sets the “hero” parameter to x
setrenegade x sets the apostate parameter to x
givetalentpoints x gives x talent points
initcredits x x loans
initmedigel x x units of the medigel
initgrenades x garnet
adjustcredits x sets the number of credits per x
giveallarmor manufacturer gives all armor of the specified type
giveallweapons manufacturer all weapons of the specified type
giveallomnitools manufacturer omni tools of the specified type
giveallbioamps manufacturer bioamps of the specified type
unlockachievement x opens achievement x (instead of x, put numbers from 1 to 46)
givebonustalent x gives talent (instead of x use numbers 7, 14, 21, 49, 50, 56, 57, 63, 64, 84, 86, 91, 93, 98, 99)
slomo x x=1 is the normal game speed. Greater than 1 is time acceleration.

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