Mirror Forge: New Horror You Can Try on Steam

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Mirror Forge

MystiveDev studio with the support of DreadXP is developing a psychological first-person survival horror game called Mirror Forge, which is inspired by Silent Hill and the series “Stranger Things”. According to the authors, they want to make a unique blend of these works in terms of atmosphere.

Mirror Forge Game Trailer

The Plot of the Game

The story is about a certain Thomas Jackson, who once drank too much, got behind the wheel and got into a car accident. His girlfriend Jill was seriously injured, which caused her to lose her child. She later left Thomas and he became even more addicted to alcohol. Two years after the incident, the character decides to contact Jill, but she does not answer. The character wants to find out what happened to her, but suddenly finds himself drawn into a series of mystical events.


The gameplay promises players a variety of environments, including narrow rooms, old houses, and cities with conventionally open spaces.

The main emphasis in gameplay is on exploring the area, interacting with objects and solving puzzles. Fighting with monsters in the game is not possible, so the gamers will have to explore the locations with maximum carefulness and listen to every rustle. The authors recommend to play the game with headphones.

Mirror Forge Release Date

Mirror Forge release is scheduled for September. You can already try the game for free on Steam by downloading the demo.

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