New Need for Speed Postponed Until 2022

Need for Speed

EA has decided to delay the release of the next Need for Speed ​​until 2022. The series will be on a three-year hiatus for the first time, but the developers at Criterion will have something to do – they will have to help DICE with the release of Battlefield 6.

The publisher made the decision quite easily, since Codemasters will release a new race this year (it looks like only the next F1), and Need for Speed ​​can be safely postponed for a year – while neither NFS nor Battlefield have problems, simply because of the DICE pandemic additional help was required.

As the head of EA’s internal studios, Laura Mili, notes, Criterion is very familiar with DICE and has helped the Swedish studio more than once. After completing Battlefield 6, the studio will return to Need for Speed, which will be released on both PS5 and Xbox Series, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

Porting Need for Speed ​​will also help Codemasters’ products – otherwise the races would compete with each other, which EA doesn’t want to allow. Mealy also notes that NFS is not planning to hand over to Codemasters – she has enough episodes of her own.

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