No Man’s Sky Got an Update

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

No Man's Sky Endurance

Hello Games has released an update for No Man’s Sky – Endurance. There are a lot of changes – many of them about cargo ships and base building.

What has been Added and Changed?

  1. There are new elements and theme rooms for setting up a base on a cargo ship. Theme rooms are pre-designed rooms that you can customize, however. You can also set up your own room from scratch.
  2. You can build your base outside the ship as well – for example, the observation deck and the captain’s bridge will provide a direct view of the space.
  3. You’ll have specialists – engineers, biologists and technicians – settling in your base to share their thoughts with you. In addition, frigate captains and squadron pilots visit the ship between space expeditions.
  4. You can set up agricultural chambers on the cargo ship, where you’re allowed to grow crops and harvest them at the touch of a button.
  5. In space there is a chance to come across organic frigates, whose colors, shapes and tentacles are procedurally generated. From these frigates you can assemble your own fleet.

In addition, the authors have updated the visual effects of black holes, improved the appearance of cargo ships, made base construction more convenient and made other changes.

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