Overcooked Game Review

12.05.2021 | By Yaroslav Moklyak

Overcooked game review

At one time, a variety of restaurant simulators, where it was important to correctly arrange the order of actions and serve as many orders as possible, flooded the market for portable consoles, phones and other devices. And then there was a lull, which the Ghost Town Games development team took advantage of, introducing the world to a cooperative team frenzy called Overcooked.

Publisher: Team17

Developer: Ghost Town Games

Release Date: 08.02.2016

Platforms: РС, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch.

Overcooked is a cooking simulator for 1-4 people in which you have to test your attentiveness and responsiveness as a chef working in extreme conditions. Beautiful cartoon graphics will pleasantly surprise you, and the music from the game will sit in your head for a long time.

Anyone can easily get used to the Overcooked game, so you can easily play it with your friends, let the children play it or start playing with your parents. However, no matter how harmless the shell is, this game will greatly surprise you!

The Plot of the Game Overcooked

Overcooked game plot

The game takes place in the near future, where the world is almost completely destroyed by a huge monster (something like a flying meatball). At the last moment, you and your aspiring chef decide to climb onto the roof of a skyscraper, equip a kitchen there and feed the monster. But due to inexperience, you do not have time to do this, and then the Onion King starts the time machine and takes your team of cooks to the past.

You will have a difficult journey full of tests for an extreme cook, the essence of which is to improve your skills and prepare for this unequal battle.

In fact, the plot in Overcooked is not the most important detail, as it put a lot of emphasis on the gameplay and atmosphere. However, the plot adds some purpose and an element of fun to the game, which is good news.

Ovecooked Gameplay

Overcooked game

Overcooked is a game where you interact with the world using only 2 buttons. However, this does not make the game easy, since with these buttons you can perform a huge difference in functions: cut, wash, cook, fry, place an order, etc.

The task at each level is extremely simple: complete the orders as soon as possible and try not to burn the kitchen. Although you have to cook different dishes, the mechanics are the same for this: take the product out of the basket, chop it for a dish, fry it or bake it and give it to the customer.

It sounds simple, but in fact you are constantly running out of time, clean plates can treacherously end at the wrong moment, a friend can get in the way or even ruin an almost finished dish.

Overcooked starts with the simplest thing – making soups. Then you will have to cook more complex dishes, in larger quantities and under more hellish conditions. The main goal is to score as many points as possible in a certain amount of time.

Also, in addition to the campaign, there is a small branch with more difficult missions. I recommend completing them only after completing the game’s storyline. Moreover, a game of 4 is most suitable for these levels, since two players may not always be enough.

Passage of Locations​

Each level can be completed by one, two or three stars. And this is also an important part of the Overcooked game world, since you will need to collect a certain number of stars to open new locations and advance through the story. Therefore, it will not work to go through all the rounds for 1 star.

Moreover, often every round you want to go to all 3 stars, and at some levels it will not be an easy task. Sometimes you will need to replay the same level many times.

Large Variety of Locations

The developers did their best to work out and the number of locations in the game!

Everything will start with an ordinary kitchen, but then Overcooked will offer you to cook dishes on a pirate ship that sways on the waves, because of which your food and work equipment begins to rapidly roll to the other end of the location.

Next, you have to work in the kitchen of the old castle, where sometimes the lights are completely turned off, which undoubtedly increases the complexity and tests your memory, namely, how you remember the location of objects at the location.

Moreover, Overcooked features ice, meteorites, lava, tundra, space stations, cracks in the ground and other obstacles. Each level will be a unique challenge for you and your team.

If you calculate the approximate number of levels, then there are about 40-50 of them.

Game Features

The peculiarities of Overcooked are not only that meteorites are falling around or earth is diverging from faults in your kitchen, but also that it is not only speed or reaction that decides here. The most important thing in the game is teamwork, your ability to understand each other and prioritize.

Competition Mode

Overcooked Competition Mode

The kitchen is divided into two halves, and the players are divided into two teams – blue and red. The goal is to cook more dishes and get ahead of the opposing team in points in a certain amount of time.

Overcooked Characters

As you progress through the game, new and most unexpected chef characters will open up. Among which there will be cats, orcs, raccoons and many others!

The Verdict

Overcooked is a great casual game with a good sense of style, humor, and addicting gameplay. The main disadvantage of the project is that you need to play at least two together to enjoy it.

Overcooked will force you to create not a partnership, but a strong team, where you need to understand each other without words. However, you have to communicate a lot and always-on business, moving from a business tone to squeals of disappointment when something goes wrong. The game gives simply amazing emotions, which I recommend to every lover of cooperative passage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is overcooked cross-platform?

Unfortunately, Overcooked 1 is not a cross-platform game, so you can only play it on one device. However, Overcooked 2 supports this format, so players from all platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S) can play together.

Can I Play Overcooked Online?

Unfortunately, the first part of the game is not supported online, you can only play together over a local network (on one device). However, Overcooked 2 and d Overcooked: All You Can Eat have an online play feature.

Is it possible to play the game in single player?

You can play alone, but then one character will be idle while you switch to the second. Until about the middle of the game, it is possible to complete the levels alone, but then you will most likely need a second player.

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