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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Gameplay Trailer

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Overwatch 2 Queen Vulture

On June 28, the next stage of Overwatch 2 beta testing will begin, within which they will be allowed to play as a new character – the Junker Queen. Blizzard dedicated a fresh gameplay trailer to her.

Junker Queen Gameplay Trailer

Recall that the Junker Queen acts as an aggressive tank, whose abilities are based on the mechanics of injury. She wields a shotgun, an axe, and a knife, making her a dangerous opponent at close range.

Details About the Junker Queen

The Junker Queen has already appeared on the Junkertown map in the first Overwatch. And in the Overwatch 2 she will become a playable character.

The Junker Queen is an aggressive tank that relies on the wound mechanic. Over time, opponents under its influence take damage, and the heroine herself, on the contrary, heals.

Therefore, the warrior feels good in close combat, constantly poking and healing. And on maps more suited to ranged combat, it won’t be as useful. Her goal on the battlefield is to weaken enemies so that her teammates can land a fatal blow.

Overwatch 2 launches in early access on October 4th for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be distributed on a shareware model.

Animated Short About the Junker Queen

Character Background

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