Phonopolis: A New 3D Game from Amanita Design About Modern Issues

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Phonopolis Game

The Czech team Amanita Design is known for their cute yet quirky escape rooms, such as the Machinarium or the Samorost series. The collection of their creations is waiting for replenishment in the form of Phonopolis adventure – the first work of the studio in 3D.

The new adventure is somewhat different from previous Amanita Design games. The authors of Phonopolis raise more realistic themes and problems, including manipulation and individualism. But at the same time, the overall tone of the quest remains cheerful and nonchalant.

Phonopolis Game Trailer

Main Game Plot

Phonopolis Game

The story of Phonopolis is about a brooding young man named Felix. Over him and other townspeople there was a threat to fall into the power of an authoritarian Leader, which would entail the loss of humanity. For some reason, Felix is ​​the only villager to notice the danger, so he must thwart the Leader’s plans.

Game Features

Phonopolis Game
Amanita Design promises to take gamers to the dystopian city of Phonopolis filled with mysteries. For the first time, developers are creating a game in 3D – it looks unusual thanks to the stylization of corrugated cardboard. Phonopolis uses frame-by-frame animation that plays at twelve frames per second. This brings the adventure game closer to the classic cartoons. The music for the adventure will be written by Tomáš Dvořák, who also composed compositions for the last two parts of Samorost.

Phonopolis Release Date

Phonopolis Game

According to the developers, Phonopolis still needs to be worked on, and therefore it is not worth expecting a release “in the next twelve months”. The project will be released on several platforms, and one of them is known for sure – PC. Phonopolis already has a Steam page where the quest can be added to your wishlist. Support for the Russian language is not declared.

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