Ready Or Not Releases Biggest Content Update

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Ready or Not Game

You may have already seen the Ready or Not update in the recent nightclub level news. At that time, only owners of the special Supporter Edition had access to the update, and now it’s available to all buyers of the game. According to the authors, this is the biggest patch at the moment.

For the time, while the update was an exclusive Supporter Edition, there were fixed more than 500 bugs. The official list of the most recent changes at the time of writing the news, so we rely on the material timed to the launch of the update in Supporter Edition. So, the main features of the patch:

  • Two finished maps – Valley of the Dolls and Neon Tomb.
  • Three draft maps – Ridgeline, Hospital and Agency.
  • The cars have more interactivity: the side mirrors can be shot off, the windows can be broken and shot through, airbags can be triggered, the wheels can be punched, after which the car will slightly lower.
  • In some levels there is a physics of fabrics, including curtains and clothes at the NPC.
  • More destructible objects appeared, including lamps, vending machines, glass bottles, arcade machines, fire extinguishers, and so on.
Ready or Not Game Screenshot
  • There is more narrative through the environment – in a number of levels you can learn about the world of Los Sueños, located in an alternative history of the United States.
  • SWAT fighters look better: for example, there are more clothing variations.
  • Various gameplay edits, including a new element of levels – doors locked by an electronic lock with a key card. The key card has to be searched through the level. The electronic lock cannot be picked with picklocks, and if you take out such a door by force, the alarm will go off.
Ready or Not Game Screenshot
  • Improvements in AI behavior. For example, suspects and civilians can hide and hide behind certain objects – beds, cabinets, tables, and so on.
  • Suspects can now pretend to be dead or commit suicide.
  • There are new animations for NPCs – they smoke, pee, write something on the phone and so on.
  • New weapons for players and enemies.
  • Improvements to the layout interface – changing gear and customizing weapons is now possible from one menu.
  • Improved sound, including additional voices from NPC, a lot of additional sounds of footsteps and other interactions with the environment, as well as the music for the levels Valley and Ridgeline.

To celebrate the launch of the update we prepared a fresh trailer. There the developers hid a surprise: at the very end sounds the voice of streamer and actor FortyOne, who is known in the Escape from Tarkov community.

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