Release of Postal Brain Damaged: World in the Brain of a Psychopath

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Postal Brain Damaged
Brain Damaged departs slightly from the basic gameplay tenets of the Postal series, but it leaves the brutality, wicked humor, and grotesque. Judging by first reviews, it looks like it fits into the boomer-shooter genre of Postal.

Postal: Brain Damaged Trailer

The Main Plot of the Game

In Brain Damaged, the player gets into the mind of the Dude himself, which makes everything around him look like real madness. Crazy weapons appear in your hands, the environment is broken in unthinkable ways, and the enemies are “some of the freakiest that have ever graced computer screens,” the authors assure you.

The game is currently available for purchase on Steam.


Brain Damaged gameplay is designed with an old-school feel to it: the movement system is similar to that of Quake, speed is encouraged in battles, and the reload button is absent. In addition, there are a lot of secrets scattered through the levels, and the connections with Postal are reminded, for example, by the voice of the main character played by Corey Cruise and the ability to piss on everything around.

Feedback From Players

The game has already been released and is getting very positive feedback from users – 97% at the time of writing. Gamers praise the level design, the feel of the shooting, the variety of enemies and the crazy humor (although it’s not always really funny). Someone even wrote: “F*ck it, I’ll consider that this is the real Postal 4!

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