Sifu Will Get A Major Update In May

04.27.2022 | By Yaroslav  Moklyak

Sifu Addon
Action about the virtuoso use of martial arts Sifu will soon get the first major patch. For him, Sloclap saved a few nice additions, as well as a gift for the owners of the Deluxe edition of the game. In addition, the team has compiled a schedule for the release of the rest of the content. Future major updates will start rolling out roughly every three months, based on the breakdown by season:
  • The next update will land on gamers’ devices on May 3rd. Together with him, Sifu will receive a set of costumes, an advanced training mode and difficulty levels.
  • The protagonist’s wardrobe from the Deluxe Edition will be enriched by one more look. “Dominate your opponents everywhere, from the crowded hallways to the dance floor in the club, and do it in style,” reads the description of the Young Man Suit. Recall that Sloclap took this step as an apology for the problems with early access to the game.

What Else to Expect?

Expect more costumes this summer, along with an advanced scoring system and gameplay modifiers. The latter include the options “one point of health”, “reinforced opponents” and others.

The replay editor will be added to Sifu in the fall, along with new skins and modifiers.

In winter, the developers will equip the massacre simulator with an arena mode and will not forget to replenish the game with fresh clothes and modifiers.

In addition, Sloclap reminds that copies of Sifu for PlayStation on physical media will go on sale on May 3rd. In addition to the game itself, the Vengeance Edition will include a steelbook, three lithographs, an artbook, and a digital soundtrack.

Sifu turned out to be quite successful – in three weeks its circulation exceeded one million copies. At the moment, developers are engaged not only in free content for kung fu action, but are also working on a new project.

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