Skyrim Together Reborn: Release Date and Main Features

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Skyrim Together Reborn

The Together Team enthusiasts have announced the release of Skyrim Together Reborn, an improved version of their co-op mod for Skyrim. It will be out on Friday, July 8. What’s more, it won’t be a beta version, but a full version 1.0.

The authors have completely reassembled the code, which makes the co-op work better, although some nuances still remain.

The codebase was restructured after it was revealed that it used code from Skyrim Script Extender. New modders have been involved, and the process has made great progress over the past year with the goal of releasing a version that is compatible with Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

The Together Team noted that the mod will not be perfect, and there may be glitches from time to time. At the moment it’s hard to say what mods on Skyrim will be compatible with the cooperative mod.

They also reported that, unfortunately, it is not fixable. Nevertheless, it is playable and much better than the old Skyrim Together mod, which was the main goal of the developers.

Skyrim Together Reborn 5 Players Gameplay

The video shows a synchronized walkthrough by multiple players together. The main player handles all conversations with NPCs, and quest completion is updated for all players at once. The PvP feature is also possible, although it is disabled by default, and the pause in the inventory menu is also disabled.

Skyrim Together Reborn will not support Skyrim VR, versions of Skyrim prior to Special Edition 1.6 or the Game Pass version. Installation instructions will be posted on the wiki after Skyrim Together Reborn is announced.

Skyrim Together Reborn Main Features

Here are the main features of new co-op mod:

  1. The mod is designed for a group of up to eight people.
  2. Players in the same group have synchronized NPC and monsters (including dragons), the progress of quests, inventory, projectiles like flying arrows and fireballs, breaking castles and some other elements.
  3. The default difficulty level is “Expert” because the balance of the original game is not designed for co-op. If the passage still seems too easy, the authors recommend putting mods on the difficulty.
  4. The death system has been changed. Instead of reloading the preservation player respawns nearby (and it removes penalties for crimes, if any). In the settings file you can set the percentage of gold lost on death.
  5. In the settings file you can also enable PvP. By default it is disabled, because the mod was built primarily for the co-op.

Skyrim Together Reborn Nuances

  1. Only the master of the world should take quests.
  2. Despite the version Reborn and the release of build 1.0, the authors of the mod still warn: better mentally prepare for crashes and bugs, as well as save more often.
  3. So far does not work synchronization weather, markers on the map and experience points – with this plan to deal later.
  4. The authors want to write an API, which will allow other modders to create mods specifically for Skyrim Together Reborn.
  5. The mod will have a completely open source code.

After Skyrim Together Reborn, the authors will work more closely with Fallout Together – a similar cooperative mod for Fallout 4.

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