Sony has Finally Revealed the PS5 Interface

Play Station 5 Menu

Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation 5 interface, which should simplify and speed up many processes. An international team has been working on its creation for several years.

The console home screen now looks like this (picture below). It works in 4K and HDR.

Sony continues to use the design principles found in the PlayStation 4 interface, but changes and improves them. Pressing down, like on PS4, will open a menu unique to each game.

An important difference is that games and media applications will have separate menus – you can switch between them on the top horizontal panel, where search, system settings and account settings are also available.

Play Station 5 Menu

And the PlayStation Store has now become part of the console’s interface, rather than acting as a separate application.

Play Station 5 Menu Games

The “Quick Menu“, which on PS4 was activated by pressing the PlayStation button, was replaced by the “Control Center” in PS5. It is invoked with a single press of the PS button and in many ways resembles the pages of games in the Steam library, where you can follow the news, fresh screenshots and “Events”.
As an example, they show the level “Big Adventure” from Sackboy, when you click on it, we see different information about the stage, including the approximate time to complete it and the available challenges.

Play Station 5 Menu Achievements

In this case, PS Plus subscribers will have access to special tips for completing certain challenges. In the example shown, a special cutscene opens that demonstrates how to find a monk outfit for Sackboy.

Such hints can be turned on in the “Picture in picture” mode or taken to the left side of the screen so that they do not overlap with the game itself.

Play Station 5 Menu Video

The notifications will become interactive. Upon receiving a voice chat invitation, the player can press the PlayStation button to access a quick notification menu – join the party or get more information about the chat.

Play Station 5 in Game Chat

If someone in the party decides to broadcast the game for chat, then everyone will be able to follow the process, and you can watch, as well as the prompts, both in the “Picture in Picture” mode, as well as allocating space to the side of the screen of your game.

Play Station 5 Game Screen

The Create menu, which replaces the Share menu, allows you to not only share screenshots and videos, but also modify them. On PS4, you could only edit video, but on PS5, a graphics editor was added. In addition, we added voice messages.

In this case, screenshots and videos are recorded in 4K.

Play Station 5 Screen Save

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