Starfield Gameplay: Battles with Pirates and Space Flights

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Starfield Gameplay
On June 12, Xbox and Bethesda revealed the first gameplay video of the upcoming action-RPG Starfield. Before the screening, Todd Howard said it was the studio’s “most ambitious game.

Gameplay Video

In the video, the protagonist lands on the moon Crete in search of an abandoned research complex. Here the character encounters bizarre fauna – apparently, not always unambiguously hostile.

The main character scans the environment in the manner of No Man’s Sky, collects resources with a special device, fights pirates and breaks the lock on the suitcase in a special mini-game. Also shown is the capital of the Constellation – New Atlantis, which will probably be the headquarters of the player and his companions, engaged in the search for certain artifacts.

Todd Howard said that the hero will be able to unlock new skills by performing tests. In addition, Starfield will be a system of crafting, building new colonies, and even spaceships. The player will be able to independently manage the latter and fight in open space.

Finally, referring to the scale of Starfield, Howard noted that the player will be able to explore any celestial body, of which there are more than a thousand in the game.

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