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SteamWorld Build: A City Building Simulator Announcement

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Steamworld Build Announcement

Thunderful Games and studio The Station have announced SteamWorld Build, a new city-building simulation game in the popular SteamWorld series. The project is due out this year on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. A demo version is already available on Steam.

SteamWorld Build Gameplay

In SteamWorld Build, players will have to become the architects of a real mining town, creating a settlement for the SteamWorld citizens. In doing so, they will be assisted by a variety of natural resources from the surface, as well as abundant ores underground. An active exploration of an abandoned mine will pay off, as rumour has it that ancient technology holds the key to saving them from impending doom.

At the same time, players will have to deal not only with construction and extraction of resources, but also with managing their town, meeting the needs of local residents and protecting their workers from various predators.

The SteamWorld Build interface and mechanics are designed for both experienced users and newcomers. The game boasts three well-balanced difficulty levels and five distinctive maps inspired by SteamWorld and studded with various secrets.

Game Trailer

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