Stuntfest: World Tour Announcement – Racing with Flying Drivers

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Stuntfest World Tour

Do you remember the additional modes from the FlatOut series, where you had to eject the driver from the car and play them in darts, bowling, and so on? THQ Nordic and Pow Wow Entertainment decided to cross racing and flying drivers in Stuntfest: World Tour.

In Stuntfest, 18 athletes compete. After catapulting out of the driver’s seat, the character turns into a live shell, which is controlled by the player. After the flight you can immediately dive into the next car.

Other features of Stuntfest: World Tour are as follows:

  • An insane array of competitions from derby to glider races.
  • Multiple drivers to choose from with customizable skins.
  • Cars with visual and functional customization.

Stuntfest: World Tour will be released on PC via Steam in 2022.

Game Trailer

Screenshots from the Game

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