Tales of Berseria Tips for Beginners

Tales of Berseria Tips

Tales of Berseria is a Japanese RPG game. Perhaps that is why a lot of gamers have difficulties in passing it, so we will try to answer all questions about the game, give a couple of tips and, in principle, from this article you can learn how to play Tales of Berseria.

Fight with All Opponents

Tales of Berseria Mobs

Tales of Berseria’s local combat system is quite specific, and from time to time you will meet random opponents. We recommend not to bypass them, as you will get more experience for defeating them. Collect all kinds of loot from mobs, which will also be useful, but do not forget to get rid of unnecessary ones: it will fill your inventory soon enough.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Tales of Berseria Equipment Enchanting

Completing Tales of Berseria allows you to pump equipment, for which it is used to merge. In addition, equipment, if you wish, can be divided into materials, which is carried out in the store in the crafting section. And over time, it will be possible to additionally pump weapons, but this is not immediately. 

Many gamers are interested in what kind of pink droplets they periodically meet and whether they are needed at all. The answer is positive: they are needed, these are the souls of kotegs, collected in order to open chests with these same kotegs.

Tales of Berseria Gaming Style

Your gaming style doesn’t really matter here, as the developers have provided only one ending. Despite the fact that the passage of Tales of Berseria can be performed using both a joystick and a keyboard with a mouse, we still recommend the second option, although it all depends on your individual preferences. It might be worth trying both options to see which one is right for you.

Try to Use Different Paty Members

Tales of Berseria Party Members

In Tales of Berseria, you can control any member of the group, and each of the characters will be unique. We advise you to play a little for each character to find out which one suits you best and for whom you like to fight the most.

You can choose your character to play by placing him first in the order of the party. Moreover, you can easily switch your character in the battle in the game menu.

Be sure to try different characters and their combinations so that the passage of the game is as convenient and interesting as possible.

Collect all the Fruits on Your Way

Tales of Berseria Fruits

In many locations, you will come across walls decorated with red, blue and yellow smoke. You won’t be able to pass them just like that: to do this, you must first eat a fruit of the corresponding color. Fortunately, you won’t have to look for fruits for a long time, there are a lot of them, you just need to not walk past them and collect them.

Where to go next?

If you are confused and do not know where to go next and what is required of you, press R1 in the heavenly world to see the current task. To find the right place, you can open the map by first clicking the square, which will go to the Local map, and then to the triangle. Your target will be marked with a star.

Explore the world of Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria World

Do not forget to explore the world around you more often, as you may stumble upon all sorts of useful things that will be very useful to you in the future, or interesting locations.

Questions From Players

How to Move Between Locations in Tales of Berseria?

In Berseria, you can move between cities. At the beginning of the game it is paid – by purchasing special bottles. At the end of the final location, these bottles are endless. The rest of the locations can be reached faster only with the help of a special board that speeds up movement.

How to Change the Difficulty Level?

If you see that something is not working out and the game is difficult – go to the settings, where the difficulty level can be adjusted for yourself at any time in the game settings..

What is the Maximum Character Level?

The passage of Tales of Berseria allows you to develop the level of the protagonist, but this maximum level directly depends on the level of difficulty: it is hardly possible to pump above 70 at a low level, but at the most difficult one can even reach 200.

Can I Play with a Gamepad?

Tales of Berseria supports both keyboard with mouse and gamepad play.

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