Top 10 Skyrim PC Mods

Skyrim PC Mods

Every self-respecting computer games connoisseur must at least once scream Fus-Ro-Dah, kill Alduin and find all the treasures of Daedra.

Many of you probably already passed this game more than a dozen times, and someone didn’t touch it at all for some reason: graphic is not the same or the battle system is clumsy, there is no hardcore, noir drank… However, there is a panacea — mod makers who can truly transform the game beyond recognition. So we present you our top 10 Skyrim PC mods.

1. Skyrim HD 2k

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

The mod radically processes almost all textures in the game, allowing you to enjoy high resolution and the absence of “soap”, even with this mod your game can be transformed beyond recognition visually. Reworked textures of dungeons, landscapes, cities, water and much more. This mod should definitely be with you if you want to achieve the most detailed picture and if you have enough powerful hardware, since all textures have a resolution of 2k to 4k.

2. Enhanced Lights & Fx

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

This mod is directly aimed at changing lighting. In some places, in the original Skyrim, it was rather stupidly composed, and sometimes it was absent or inappropriate, did not correspond to reality. This mod truly changes the atmosphere in all interiors, whether it’s a cave or a tavern.

3. SkyUi Skyrim PC mods

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

Many people blamed the game primarily for the inconvenient and “console” interface, everything was terribly inconvenient, the menu navigation was ugly and grotesque, not to mention the fact that the whole thing looked pretty ugly, there was no sane sorting of items, an adequate menu with Hotkeys. This modification, although not entirely gameplay, however, will seriously affect it, making your bag as convenient and understandable as possible.

Here you can sort and separate items by type, special icons, convenient and intuitive favorites’ menu, finally! This mod is simply required to be installed by people who hate the game for standard equipment, putting this modification, you will never again remember that horror. If desired, everything can be configured through a simple in-game menu.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

4. Frostfall

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

Perhaps this will be rather rude and loud, but this mod will bring an element of survival to Skyrim. Now you can’t just flaunt in the cold, like a harsh Nord in some underwear or an armored car, frostbite yourself and die, it’s even worse than being eaten by Alduin. No, don’t run in shorts …

The mod will give you the opportunity to build your own road camp, make bonfires on the road to keep warm, add hiking backpacks to the game with all the possible survival equipment, but even this does not guarantee you safety. Stock up on food and firewood, have a nice trip!

5. Deadly Dragons

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

Are you bored after a hundred hours of play? Everyone dies of a rusty dagger: from sheep to dragons? This modification will correct a mistake by making real dragons out of winged carriers of the fiery death, and not small insects. Now there are many, as many as 14 species. And they are extremely dangerous and will no longer allow you to brazenly learn words of power from the wall and run away, because you are too lazy to waste time on a useless creature. Now you can’t leave without a slap, especially at high levels. The goal of the mod, as you might guess, is to make creatures from dragons that scare us guards and people, and not just ordinary mediocre mobs.

6. Apocalypse — Magic of Skyrim

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

Global mod for the processing of magic. A lot of spells from old parts and just new ones: from ore mining and turning wine into gold to meteor shower and geysers. About 200 new spells, scrolls, and staves. So if you are a lover of a magician, but a dull Skyrim has deprived of freedom of action — come back with this mod.

7. Ordinator — Perks of Skyrim

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

A global mod aimed at pumping a viable and diverse character. The guys did their best and not only processed the vanilla pumping tree, but also added a lot of their skills, allowing you to play back bards with a wonderful voice, and full-fledged thieves who can profit from the troubles of the poor. But in addition, in the latest versions, the changes also affected NPC skills. Therefore, if you were annoyed that people around you cannot and half that you can, then the expansion will definitely cause new sensations. Not only the player is developing now. Against him will use the same tricks as he. From screams to weapons skills. Such processing will certainly uncover and return to the world of dragons!

8. Lady Body

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

This replacer is designed for female characters and changes their physics, skeleton, animation, textures and also affects all female characters, making them more realistic and pleasing to the eye.

9. Tropical Skyrim

Top 10 Skyrim PC Mods

Tired of snowy and cold Skyrim? Wanted heavenly enjoyment? Get at your disposal now a whole tropical corner, unrecognizably transformed by Skyrim, which will change your perception of this game, at least forcing you to go to familiar places and admire the way they look in a different surrounding. This modification was created by only one person under the nickname Soolie, he did a tremendous job, replaced almost everything from flora and fauna to the appearance of the settlements. This modification is required to familiarize.

10. Wyrmstooth

Top 10 skyrim pc mods

I want to introduce you to the best, in my opinion, quest mod, which may well be competitive and even surpasses the quests of Bethesda themselves. This is also one of the significant problems in the game — uninteresting quests, but even this oversight is corrected by mod makers, creating really amazing quests.

Wyrmstooth — stunning modification with a thoughtful plot and a completely new location — the whole island, and of considerable size. Everything is done on a professional level. All characters are also voiced, I really enjoyed the passage of this quest mod. Although the plot is quite simple, but this modification will give you several hours of memorable passage and a couple of features that will impress you, I guarantee.

And these are all top 10 Skyrim PC mods to make your little part of Tamriel even more adventurous. Who needs Skyrim: Special Edition, huh?

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