Top Esports Games That Have Become Sports Betting Favorites

Esports Background
Multiplayer online games are considered one of the top Esports in the industry and yet very few are actually featured in official competitions where cash prizes are available. Just as there are many different teams and types of traditional sports, there are many different types of Esports betting online.

Esports - the Fastest Growing Sport of the 21st Century

Over the last few years there has been an increase in competitive games involving Esports. There has been a concurrent increase in the number of professional leagues and players competing for sponsors, fans, and huge prizes. Esports have become so popular that they have been broadcast on network television and private streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. As such these sporting competitions have gained a great deal of attention from online sportsbooks sites where people like you can place bets with favorable odds on upcoming events.

What are the Best Games on Which you Should Bet?

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The first Counter-Strike game was released in 2008 and was an immediate success. The game was built around two opposing teams: the terrorists and The Counter Strike Team. The game automatically places you into one of these two groups and your objective is either to plant a bomb, or to stop the terrorists from winning. This game is particularly attractive because of the revamped Global Offensive version released in 2012. This new version is focused Less on individual play and more on team competitions. In fact, it’s very easy to understand and to follow which is why it has garnered so many increased sponsors especially among professional and competitive teams. The global competitions for this game are equally easy to understand which make the game a staple choice for new bettors just starting off with their Esports betting.


Soccer or football, depending on where you are from, is the most popular sport in the world especially among Sports books online. FIFA is popular because it not only represents one of the most popular sports in the world but it is a nice sport that requires teams rather than individuals. There are multiple players involved in each team so there are multiple odds involved in each bet. International soccer matches through FIFA have more balanced odds for bettors given that one mistake from a single player can have a profound impact on the game. There are all manner of betting options available like individual teams, individual players, the performance of a specific team or player, or the ratio of the win or loss. Bettors can wager against not just the winner of a match but what the final score will be or which team will score first during an individual game.

3. League of Legends

League of Legends has been one of the most commonly played multiplayer games in the world since 2013. It is a great opportunity for people who just want to socialize with their friends and more dedicated people who want to play competitively. Because of how often it is played and in how many countries it is played, there are many international events that gather thousands of sports bettors and viewers alike. There are a multitude of aspects associated with this game each of which can affect the outcome of a single match. As such it is very challenging to successfully predict a winner. Odds are favorable and well-balanced making it perfect for beginners.


DOTA has enjoyed long-term, stable popularity in the Esports World. In fact, it has gathered millions of fans and viewers for international invitationals. In 2019, the DOTA competition saw a 30 million-dollar reward to the winning team. The reason it is so popular for Esports betting is because the game functions similarly to League of Legends but it is more challenging to predict. BEts can be placed on things like who will win the match, when they will win the match, who will draw First Blood, and much more. It’s more difficult for a beginner to predict which means it attracts a larger range of amateur and professional gamblers alike.

5. Fortnite

Fortnite has snuck into the list of most popular Esports and most popular betting opportunities for online sportsbooks over the last few years. It is a dynamic and Technical game that has attracted competitors and streamers all over the world. This game has a much younger set of players compared to other Esports but it is still a prominent game in the East Sports Online betting market. The game comes with regular updates and changes to the scene so every event on which someone places a bet is new and engaging.