Video Games That Have Been Set in New Jersey

| By Yaroslav Moklyak

Video Games That Have Been Set in New Jersey

Some of the most advanced game development studios are located in the US. Since developers often draw inspiration from their surroundings and culture it’s no wonder that there are many video games set in New Jersey. This is one of the most densely populated regions in the US, which makes it a perfect choice for games in an urban setting. Here we will discuss the significance of including real-life locations in games and then talk about video games that take place in New Jersey.

Rise of Games Set In Real Cities

Even in its early days, this art form took inspiration from real-life locations. However, technology severely limited artistic expression and direction. Luckily this did not deter developers from doing their best when trying to create immersive settings. Even at the time when gaming wasn’t as mainstream as it is today, there were still video games based on New Jersey:

  1. Superhero League of Hoboken
  2. Max Payne
  3. Friday the 13th ( one from 1989)

Just saying the name of the location and reinforcing it with visuals that represent certain locations was enough. Real-life location settings really took off around the year 2007. The AAA title Assassins Creed was released and at that time it looked absolutely amazing. The surroundings weren’t just there for the aesthetics they were actually traversable. You could climb, jump off the buildings, hide in the alleys, etc. It made sense to go in-depth and recreate actual locations and make them a part of the game.

Brief History of Video Games in New Jersey

As stated NJ is a very urban and bustling part of the US. It comes as no surprise that there are lots of entertainment hubs in this area. Both gaming and gambling are a big part of this state, and Atlantic City is perhaps the best example.

Today you can find vast entertainment resorts here that easily rival those in Las Vegas. Moreover, this was among the first states to legalize online gambling in the US. If you look at the latest updates in NJ online casinos you will see that all of the operators are trendsetters in the industry. After all, NJ has wrestled with gambling laws since the 18th century so they really set the tone on how it should be managed and regulated. This turbulent gaming history also gives the place more significance and inspires developers to use New Jersey in video games.

Popular New Jersey Video Games

In truth, there are dozens of video games near me New Jersey but some of these are really old, and not all of them were popular. So, let’s focus on some of the more iconic titles that are really worth checking out.

Assassin's Creed III

Players knew for a long time the third installment of this Ubisoft franchise will be in the US. Since the main plot line takes place in history it gives players a unique opportunity to explore the 18th-century NJ setting.

Marvel's Avengers

Comic books are often inspirations for popular games and as we have seen movies. Marvel’s Avengers take place all over the US so it technically fits the video games New Jersey category. This installment is heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic universe. So, even if you didn’t read the comics and know these heroes from movies it will be easy to follow what is going on.

Of course, don’t expect to see many urban settings, as this game mainly has you going to secret locations and underground labs. Luckily you get to play using a Marvel hero who is from New Jersey Ms.Marvel Kamala Khan. Unfortunately, the project was a bit over-ambitious and lots of players were disappointed. The director of the game even apologized to the players.

Need for Speed: The Run

If you want to blow through NJ at high speed then Need for Speed: The Run is a perfect pick. It’s one of those true video games New Jersey players really enjoy, because of the adrenaline rush. High-speed city chase, blazing through the curvy mountain roads, and enjoying a killer soundtrack is the best way to describe any Need for Speed title. The Run is no exception. Of course, this one is from 2011 so the newer NFS titles definitely look more impressive.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Although there are plenty of scenic vistas to enjoy in NJ outdoors, Friday the 13th: The Game isn’t the best way to do so. However, if you are looking for rare video games New Jersey survival horror, then this one is the best choice. The story takes place in the 80s’ and you go through lots of locations. One of which is Camp Crystal Lake from the original movie franchise.