Winning Post 8 PS Vita Game Review

04.06.2022 | By Yaroslav Moklyak

Winning Post 8 2016 PS Vita

Even though horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, it seems like the sport it is at its
peak at the moment. With the rise of horse racing, other industries that are influenced by the beauty of this sport started to accept it even more.

That is why in the past decade we have had many new horse racing games in development, that are
designed to provide a life-like experience. With horse expensive being very expensive as a sport that not everybody can afford, the best way to experience some horse racing magic is by playing a video game.

Unfortunately, Play Station Vita doesn’t have a wide palette of horse racing games. With that said there are still some that were adapted for this handheld console so you can enjoy some horse racing on the go.

One of such games is Winning Post 8 which comes in many different versions, and the Japanese version of Winning Post 8 is most popular for PS Vita. It was released in 2017 for this gaming platform.

Winning Post 8

This is a horse racing simulation game where players can not only participate in races but also learn more about the sport by breeding, building their in-game family, and all the horse-related management that comes from owning a stable.

Winning Post 8 is also coming in many different versions each year, by updating their content and mechanics to provide a much better user experience. In fact, there are more than eight versions of the game it started way back in 1993 and was published by Koei Temco.

Winning Post 8 is probably one of the oldest horse racing games in general and people’s favorite for a good reason.

The Popularity of Winning Post 8

One of the reasons why this game is popular for horse racing enthusiasts is because of its size. It is very rare to see a horse racing game that covers every little section of the spot, and if you are familiar with horse racing, you know that there are many options to cover.

Winning Post 8 features a huge range of brilliant horses that can suit every playstyle and taste. On top of that, the graphics are rather impressive and they had spent quite some time designing the racetracks.

Since horse racing isn’t big in the gaming industry, it is very hard to find a triple-A designed graphics game. Winning Post 8 features impressive lifelike graphics that are really close to the real thing. Winning Post 8 comes in nine versions each highlighted by the year.

For PlayStation Vita, the most popular is the 2017 Winning Post 8 Japanese version.


Horse racing wouldn’t be complete without betting. Since Winning Post 8 claims to be an all-in-one game that features every aspect of the sport, horse racing betting must find its place in the game.

Fortunately, the developers decided to include horse racing betting. In fact, they’ve designed an entire betting system that is placed in the game. This is the most impressive thing about Winning Post 8.

The betting system in the game is so sophisticated that can accurately predict the odds and probabilities in a race based on horses’ preferences.

Most people even use Winning Post 8 for simulating and predicting real-world horse racing events. For example, you can add all the horses with similar characteristics from the Kentucky Derby, and simulate the entire event and make a test on who could be the potential winners (find out more about that here twinspires.com/kentuckyderby/winners).

This will highlight the horse with the biggest potential for winning the race, and if you are brave enough, you can place your real-world bet based on a video-game simulation.


Winning Post 8 is one of the most complete horse racing games available today. Fortunately, the publishers and game developers have seen the potential for this niche and will continue to make and release new games.

If you like horse racing and want to learn all the things about the sport, Winning Post 8 is the best horse racing game you should consider playing.