About HermitGamer


My name is Yaroslav, and I’m a 23 years old gamer. In this blog you can read my thoughts and opinions about the games that I played, as well as about gaming news that I think are really important or interesting. This blog is a diary of my gaming life.

Moreover, I do not always write about the best and most popular games. I write about PC games as well as on PSXbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, I talk about little-known, but, in my opinion, noteworthy games, indie games, retro games, and much more. I try to give only reasonable and objective criticism regarding games.

My Author Page: https://www.hermitgamer.com/author-yaroslav/

Mariia Grachova Author Page: https://www.hermitgamer.com/author-mariia/

About Me

I have been playing games since I was 6 years old. I tried games of different genres, themes, and types. Moreover, I like to collect games.

As for my other hobbies, I like snowboarding and try to go to the mountains at least once a season.

Moreover, I can’t imagine my life without traveling. I try to visit at least 2 new countries a year, which I have been doing actively for 4 years in a row.

Thank you for your visit. I hope in my blog you found what you were looking for, or at least you could read useful information or just have fun. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

If you have any questions for me about the blog or any game, please feel free to contact me. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding cooperation, I am always open to any suggestions.

If you are looking for my mail, use my contact page. The same applies to feedback. If you find a typo, a broken link/image, something that I can do better, I will be glad to hear from you.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Take care of yourself and have a nice day.