TOP 5 Best Hunting Games For PS4

Best Hunting Game For PS4

Let’s be honest — hunting simulators are far from the most popular and very specific PS4 games. Most gamers expect from them the most reliable transmission of the hunting process itself, the species diversity of game and a rich arsenal of hunting weapons, and the graphics and plot are already a secondary matter, although, of course, also desirable.

But there are those players who just want to try virtual hunting, without bothering too much about the reliability in the proposed habits of animals and their anatomy, realistic ballistics and other attributes. There are those who do not want to hunt animals at all, dreaming of a fantastic dinosaur safari. Others have always wanted to try their hand at spearfishing, but in the real world they do not have the opportunity (or for obvious reasons are afraid) to make a deep dive.

Therefore, in our new selection, we have selected not only PC hunting simulators for professionals, but also their arcade counterparts, best hunting game for PS4, as well as fantastic simulators that allow you to hunt and track down unusual creatures.

1. The Hunter: Call of the Wild

The Hunter Call of the Wild

The best hunting game for PS4 to date. Immerse yourself in a vibrant wilderness and meet its many inhabitants: from graceful deer to imposing bison, from countless flocks of birds to small forest insects. Before you 13 thousand hectares of play space, every centimeter of which is created using the revolutionary Apex technology, in which its creators – Avalanche Studios – have invested a decade of experience in the development of explosive action films. In addition to atmospheric single-player play, the Hunter: Call of the Wild includes unique multiplayer modes – both co-op and competitive – for 2-8 players. Go hunting with your friends and show off your achievements!


New generation hunting simulator.

theHunter: Call of the Wild is the most realistic hunting simulator to date. Immerse yourself in a vibrant wilderness and meet its many inhabitants: from graceful deer to imposing bison, from countless flocks of birds to small forest insects.
In theHunter: Call of the Wild, all the subtleties are worked out: the complex behavior of animals, changing weather phenomena, the full cycle of day and night, the nuances of ballistics, realistic sounds, even the wind carrying odors. In other words, the game has everything to ensure complete immersion and awaken the hunting instinct.

Huge open world.

Explore 13,000 hectares of different types of terrain, from impassable wilds and swamps to verdant valleys and wide fields. The huge world of theHunter: Call of the Wild is divided into reserves – different areas, in each of which you will have your own memorable moments.
Take tasks from locals or go off the beaten path. Look for vantage points, ambushes, and strongholds. They will help you easily and quickly navigate the huge open world.

Ten years of experience.

theHunter: Call of the Wild is the next step in the evolution of theHunter hunting simulator from Expansive Worlds, which has gained more than six million subscribers in its seven years of online existence.
Now Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds are inviting the next generation of players to hunt. TheHunter: Call of the Wild is powered by the Apex open world engine, into which its creators – Avalanche Studios – have invested a decade of experience in the development of explosive action films.

Own hunting. Own game.

Adopt various rifles, revolvers and bows; equip them with sights and choose ammunition of your choice. Find your favorite weapon and improve your use. Develop your character by getting various skills and equipment. Learn to use decoys and baits, and most importantly, study the behavior of prey and the peculiarities of its movements.
Hunting for the first time? Not a problem! Smart assistance systems will give both the green novice and the seasoned veteran an unforgettable hunting experience.

2. Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator

Hunting in Maximum Games always follows approximately the same scenario. The first step is to look at the map and / or through binoculars to find the nearest fruits of animal life. Found it? I am sure that all real hunters know how to determine the direction in the same way as the protagonist of the Hunting Simulator.

Oh no! It coughs up blood! Call your veterinarian urgently!

Poop is the main indicator that the animal you want is nearby. Poop is not 100% guaranteed, even if it significantly increases your chance of success. The beast may not be at all where it was indicated – sometimes it stands in an open field without a single heap around! Sometimes the chain of “traces” turns out to be so unreliable that it is faster and easier to restart the level several times, so that the desired game appears randomly somewhere nearby.

It is also sad to follow the path of poop because you have to walk (and often bend over) considerable distances – it can take a dozen minutes to meet the desired animal. There is running in Hunting Simulator, but it would be better if the developers removed this feature altogether so as not to tempt the gamer: as soon as you try to accelerate, you will immediately scare away even those animals that were one and a half kilometers away from you behind the mountain range. It turns out that most of the time you just walk, study heaps and go again, and at this time the game does not require any skills from you at all, and only challenges patience and common sense.

When the desired animal or bird is not far away, at a distance of less than two hundred meters, the gameplay of Hunting Simulator finally becomes deep and interesting. Animals use their hearing, smell and sight in different ways, and therefore the final stage of hunting a rabbit is different from chasing a deer or a lynx. Some types of animals must be approached strictly from the leeward side, others – from a height, and still others react to almost your every rustle. Fortunately, the game has an indicator that displays all three parameters and their effect on your goal. Would you like it harder? Disable some of the helpers – the settings in the game are very flexible, that is wfy we can it name as one of the best hunting game for PS4.

3. Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded is a first person hunting simulator based on the world’s # 1 franchise. Deer Hunter will allow players to experience a real hunting experience as they travel the best hunting regions in North America from the plains of West Texas to the rugged terrain of Alaska. You will hunt various high-quality trophy animals: white-tailed and black-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, Dall sheep, caribou, elk and many others.

The goal for players will be to level up their character by earning bonus rewards, including: high-end equipment, gps tracking devices and accessories for firearms such as an automatic target lock device. Your efforts will be rewarded with improved skills through completing daily and weekly challenges when you decide to set foot on the path to the title of “Master Hunter”. Progressive levels in realistic conditions, “live” hunting scenarios, as well as active artificial intelligence of animals will make you feel like a dead heart in the field, hoping to get a real trophy!

But if that’s not enough for you, try bird hunting in every region, including different types of geese and ducks. Stay alert as potentially dangerous animals such as mountain lions, wolves and bears are found in every region! Start your hunt today!

4. Catch & Release

Catch & Release

Just you. On a lake.

Hop on the boat, grab the paddles and head out into the calm and relaxing world of virtual fishing.

In the game Catch & Release you can sail on a boat on a beautiful mountain lake, explore the area in search of suitable fishing spots and admire the surrounding landscape. Fishing amid deep forest, mountains, cliffs and reed-covered shores.

While fishing, you can listen to the radio, throw stones on the surface of the lake, or use other objects.

Pick the right bait, find the perfect fishing spot and hook some big fish! But fishing doesn’t end there. You still have to fish out prey that will desperately resist!

If you want just to chill, that will be best hunting game for PS4 for you.

5. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter, the player takes on the role of a hunter who hunts down and kills monsters, and then makes weapons and equipment out of their fangs, claws, skins and other parts so that you can fight even more fierce creatures. The cycle repeats many times, until the game runs out of new monsters and the player collects raw materials to create all the things he needs.

To do this, you will have to go for the same trophy more than once or twice: of course, one skin will not be enough to get dressed from head to toe. And you can’t do without luck: as in a multiplayer RPG, the raw materials dropped from monsters have a different degree of rarity, so special items need to be knocked out for a long time. The game, of course, has a cross-cutting plot, presented in the form of a series of pretentious videos. But let’s be honest: any of his turns will ultimately lead to another battle with the monster.

Young Naturalist

The interactivity of the environment immerses you in the atmosphere of the game: the majestic forests, mountains and coastlines are perceived not as a background, but as real ecosystems, where, in addition to giant monsters, there are all kinds of animals, vegetation, secret paths and mysterious messages.

At first glance, it seems that they owe their realism only to graphics. The picture here is really amazing: Capcom’s artists and programmers approached the development with all responsibility and managed to create a simultaneously believable, bright and original world. The Monster Hunter series has always been distinguished by an unusual design that combines primitive and fantasy motives, and now it can finally be seen in all its glory on the big screen.

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