Video Games With Gambling in Them

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Video Games

Did you know that video games and gambling have a synergy? They often cross over because both of those have the element of excitement to them. Hence, video game developers try to make their games even more exciting by incorporating a gambling element to them. If you sign up for an online casino, it will take a very short duration before you bump into a slot game that is based on a successful video game.

In most cases, in-game gambling is a side activity that you may completely ignore, but it can also become a necessary aspect of the game. Usually, it’s merely a method to get more in-game milestones or perhaps win in-game money to splurge on upgrading your character gear. Players who enjoy these in-game gambling activities can try reading 888 poker review to see if they can put their skills in real online poker. Keep reading to discover some of the globe’s most popular video games that allow users to play various casino games without having to wager or earn real money.

The Witcher 3

The witcher 3 is simply one word that summed the world of video gaming in style. The game’s intricate stories and engaging gameplay made it extremely addicting, and its millions of admirers remain evidence to the game’s amazing narrative and game arc even now.

Gwent is a card game that plays a significant role in the game as a method to pass the time while defeating monsters and as a fundamental component for navigating between places in the game world. The rule of the game was collecting cards to construct a strong deck. It was a mini-challenge presented alongside the main challenge. It is a story that gamblers – particularly poker players – will love even more.

Final Fantasy VIII

There is a common belief that those that haven’t properly explored the Final Fantasy series fall into categories; not true gamers or they were too young and didn’t explore it in their growth journey. The Final Fantasy umbrella ranks among the few developers who have contributed towards creating more game time. Hence, it was more than obvious that they would make an appearance on this list in some way.

Gambling in Final Fantasy VIII is evident in the Triple Triad. The game spans a square grid where players and their AI counterparts compete for the highest-value cards in a gambling-style game. When your turn arrives you will place a card on the table and it is compared to its successor in the next square. The winning card is that with the higher value. Triple Triad’s goal or rather the winner’s trick is to lay down the most cards of your color on the board to increase your chances of winning the prize.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto share the same franchise. These creators are known for their prowess in creation of video games and similarly Red Dead Redemption was always going to be one of the most successful games of its generation.

The aspect of gambling in Red Dead Redemption is where you have the chance to sit down and play some Texas Hold’em poker. You can have more fun in cheating your opponent and walking away with even more of their money. Like with real poker, you must be careful since discovery will result in an unfriendly situation. This includes being forced into a fight to the death right away. Hence, in some circumstances, it appears that honesty is the best policy.
There is also a small bit of dice-based gambling that is shown in the game in the form of Liar’s Dice.


So far, Watchdogs features various gambling activities. A mere break may involve partaking in the drinking game or enjoying some poker game at the saloon. Although you must part with some money to play each round, reviews by Watchdogs fanatics indicate the extreme entertainment they experience with the drinking game. On the other hand, the poker tables strewn across the game’s world provide a pleasant diversion from the main activity.

The Sims

The developers of The Sims series thrive to cram every aspect of the human life experience into their game. Hence, it is no surprise that gambling endeavors are featured. The Sims involves creating your own sim (virtual human) and helping them succeed or fail in life in this entertaining “life simulator.”

To breathe new air for gamers looking for something else than pure fantasy, adventure, or tremendous action and explosions in their video games they introduced the supplementary content of The Lucky Simoleon casino. Initially, during the introduction of the casino, your sims could level up gambling as a skill. This allowed them to win large when combined with the Lucky characteristic in the game.

Today, you must purchase a ticket to the Lucky Simoleon Casino. The Sims can go and play one four entertaining casino games including Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table, Let It Ride Roulette Table, Dead Man’s Hand Poker Table and The Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots slot machine.

Final Thoughts

It turns out that video games, regardless of genre, have a lot of video game betting and other gambling chances integrated into them. Those who are interested in video gaming as a pastime should have no trouble finding a game that satisfies their curiosity about the realm of gambling.