World of WarCraft: What the Classic and Burning Crusade Release Gave Us

WoW Classic and Burning Crusade

The first rumors about the reincarnation of the legendary Vanilla began after Blizzard met with the team of the largest pirate project Nostalrius. However, as a result of this meeting, on July 3, 2016, Blizzard, as usual, did not report anything new and continued to insist that the introduction of the classics was not a technically possible thing at this stage. And only a year later, fans of the WoW series waited for the official announcement, in which the company confirmed its intention to launch WoW Vanilla.

Although not immediately, the fans still managed to achieve the official launch of the classic Vova. He began his work three years after meeting with Nostalrius. Due to the huge fanbase that rushed to create new characters, Blizzard had to face a problem that was not there in 2006, namely the overcrowding of the starting locations.

Leveling Up a Character in the Boosting Service

Since the classic Wow patches are extremely difficult, it is quite difficult to pump a character on them. For a player accustomed to the casualness of the current versions of World of WarCraft, the process of gaining a new level may seem overwhelming. Especially for people who do not have enough time or experience playing Vanilla, services have been developed that provide wow level boost. Thanks to such services, you can pump not only the character level, but also get gold and loot from many bosses. Such services have become a salvation for people who are not ready to devote too much time to the game.

What the Developers Promised and What They Actually Achieved

First of all, we should pay tribute to the developers who were able to revive the patch seventeen years ago. The reboot of World of WarCraft became an almost complete copy of the original 2004 project. However, in some places, due to the large number of characters, in terms of the number of frames per second, the game turned into a mario. Despite all this, Vanilla’s gameplay was able to impress both old fans of the Warcraft universe and new fans of the MMORPG genre.

This reboot opened a unique opportunity to plunge into the universe of the vanilla world of Warcraft for players who did not see the release of this game in 2004. Despite all the technical flaws, the top guilds, within a short time, managed to go through all the dungeons and test the balance of many bosses.

Where did the Idea of R​restarting The Burning Crusade Come From?

Due to the successful launch of the classic WOW patch, the Blizzards had no choice but to follow the lead of the fans of the universe and announce the rework of The Burning Crusade add-on. Today we can say that this solution was one of the best in the history of the company. Because in terms of user engagement, they managed to return to the previous top level.