WWE Wrestler Shad Gaspard, Actor of Movements of Kratos from God of War, Died

Wrestler Shad Gaspard

In Los Angeles, at the age of 39, former popular wrestler Shad Gaspard died, also acting as an actor to capture Kratos movements in the 2018 God of War game. A tragic incident occurred on the weekend, however, the body was discovered and identified a few days later, on Wednesday.

Wrestler Shad Gaspard

According to published information, Gaspard was carried into the ocean by a strong stream of water in an attempt to save his drowning son on Venice Beach, where the family went to spend their leisure time. Rescuers did not have time to react in time, and a large wave covered Gaspard, after which he was completely lost sight. The son of Shad Gaspard, 10-year-old Arie Gaspard, was not injured in the incident.

The athlete’s body was found only by Wednesday, after he was washed ashore and the witness who discovered him reported the incident to the police.

To date, many former Gaspard colleagues and friends express their condolences and words of support to the family of the deceased.

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