CS:GO Cases: The Pros and Cons of Opening Them Online

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
CS:GO Cases

Since the first case was added to CS:GO in 2013, the community couldn’t get over skins since then. Nowadays, you see skins and cases all over the game: in competitive esports games, in common death matches, and basically, in inventories of every Steam account.

Today, we will explain how the CS:GO containers function and acquaint you with how to open CS:GO cases online. After reading this article, you will possess sufficient information to open your first case and get skin, so get ready!

What Are the CS:GO Cases?

Valve has become one of the pioneers in adding in-game loot boxes. And almost the first game to get that mechanic was CS:GO. Thus, everyone who plays the game has a chance to obtain a special case randomly after the end of the match. The case contains predefined gun skins and ultra-rare knife skin (today, we also have gloves, etc.), which are chosen randomly.

To open the case, a player has to spend, classically, $2.5 on the key. Once the case is opened, you get a brand-new skin to your inventory, which you can use on your own or sell at the trade market. But are there any alternatives to opening cases in-game?

How to Open Cases Online?

Nowadays, CS:GO skin community creates more and more online case-opening recourses. Those are non-Valve-related websites that allow customers to open cases. But why would you want to choose a third-party website to open cases rather than just cracking them up in the game? Well, to figure that out, we need to discover what benefits those websites entail.

Unique Case Types

CS:GO players have begged Valve for years to realize some intriguing case concepts; still, their prayers remain unheard. But if Valve rejects to do it, case opening websites will. And so, online case opening recourses always have unique and exciting case types.

For example, there is an AWP Case concept that offers some of the most expensive skins in-game. Or such platforms also like having event cases featuring skins corresponding to event themes (Halloween, Christmas, etc.).

But remember that some of those cases have limited time frames and can disappear once the event ends. But besides that, they have all the regular features like CS:GO in-game containers.

Interactive Games

Experienced case openers quickly get bored with buying a key and opening a case: they seek something more engaging. With the help of the interactive games found at online case-opening recourses, clients can combine the case-opening process with a game-like activity.

For example, there is a popular game called case battle, which allows you to face other players in a case-opening competition. The winner will be the one who gets the most valuable loot from all the cases, and he can take it all to his inventory.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online case-opening websites introduce bonuses on their website, which players find very useful. Often, they take the least effort to be activated: register a new account (welcome bonus), make a deposit and get a match bonus, or get a loyal opener status to get a cashback.

As a result, all you have to do is just keep opening cases online, and you will be rewarded generously: you just have to keep an eye on the newly available bonuses not to miss anything.

Crypto Transactions

While Steam is distancing from crypto payments, most online CS:GO opening websites are glad to take your Bitcoin or Ethereum. That means that you can enjoy some of the quickest and safest payments available nowadays for both depositing and withdrawing.

The Cons of Online Case Opening

Just like anything else, online case opening also has a few drawbacks. First, and the most important one is the fact that you expose your data to non-Valve recourse. There are plenty of fraudsters on the internet, trying to deceive folks to get their hands on their money. And so you might stumble across such a website in the world of online case openings.

But this is easily avoidable if you are careful enough and check the website thoroughly before sharing your personal info. Don’t be lazy to go to forums to read about it, and always check whether the platform is licensed.

What might also sound like a drawback is the skin withdrawal process. When you open cases in CS:GO game, the skin goes straight into your inventory once it is opened. But with case-opening websites, the situation is different: you will need to wait for the trade offer from the website to get skins in your Steam inventory.