Subnautica Mushroom Forest Guide

Subnautica Mushroom Forest

The Mushroom Forest biome in Subnautica is easily recognizable by its characteristic giant mushrooms that grow like leaves on large tree-like rocks. Above, the caps of the mushrooms are dark green, and below they are bright orange.

The trees with mushrooms are very large and tall, so you can see the Subnautica Mushroom Forest even at shallow depths. But the bottom of this biome lies at levels from 125 to 200 meters. It is much deeper than the Herbal Plateau and the Kelp Forest. To dive here, you need a good supply of oxygen tanks or better yet, a Seamoth boat.

Mushroom Forest Subnautica

As conceived by the developers of the game Subnautica, such “trees” are the result of the growth of a special type of coral. Pieces of basalt can be found on these structures. And lithium crystals often appear on the trunks.

Mushroom caps can be broken off with a knife or ram on a boat/submarine. But this will not bring any benefit – no resources fall out of the “mushrooms”. Only spoil the beauty.

How to Get to the Mushroom Forest Subnautica

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Base

To actually mark locations in the game, you need a coordinate system, and you have two options: console coordinates or home beacon triangulation. You can use whatever you want.

The easiest way is to use the first method. Everything in Subnautica has in-game coordinates. You can find the coordinates by pressing the F1 key to open the console menu. Below “Camera world pos” you will see three numbers labeled (x, y, z), where X is east-west, Y is depth, and Z is north-south. If you find something cool or you’re done exploring the sunken shipwreck, press F1 and write down these coordinates so you can come back to them later.

Mushroom Forest Coordinates

Subnautica Mushroom Forest

To find the Subnautica mushroom forest location, you need to go to the coordinates: 529, -175, 371.

There are two separate mushroom forests, and they stand out strongly: tall trees of flat, disc-shaped mushroom-like branches. This is one of the best biomes to explore, and one of the first places to find large deposits of minerals. Once you have the drilling equipment, head into the mushroom forest to dive into your search for crafting materials.

Mushroom Forest Subnautica Map

Mushroom Forest Subnautica Map
Subnautica Mushroom Forest Map

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Wreck

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Wreck

The Aurora Wreck is a sunken ship that you can only find after it explodes. A small amount of this debris can be found in the vicinity of the starship’s impact area, but most of them are still much further away.

Despite this is not one of the largest wrecks in the game, it is split into two parts that are not related. If you are not careful to explore both areas, you will miss out on finding some blueprint fragments.

Subnautica Mushroom Forest-Wreck

The wreck has several entrances: 2 to the bottom and 1 to the top.

Moreover, there are a lot of useful fragments and parts in both sections of this wreck, so search it properly!

The most useful objects that can be found in mushroom forest wreck are:

  • Energy Cell Charger
  • Energy Transmitter
  • Multipurpose Room

Wreck Location

You can find a wreck on these coordinates: -630, -125, 752.

Lifepod 13

Subnautica Lifepod 13

Lifepod 13 is one of 8 crashed escape pods that can be found. The capsule can be found independently, or by a radio signal, which will be added to the PDA after receiving a radio message from the crew of this capsule by radio.

How to Find the Lifepod 13?

The rescue pod is located at a depth of 180 m. To safely reach the pod, the player will need a rebreather or a Moth.

Location coordinates: -919, -177, 508.

What Can be Found on the Capsule?

Subnautica Lifepod 13

On board the capsule there was one passenger, the emissary of the insurance department of the Torgal corporation of the trans-state of the Independent Mongolian States – Jochi Hasar, who was carrying out a special mission on the expedition.

From the magazine, the player only learns that the emissary prayed during the fall of the capsule. By the time the capsule was discovered, Jochi Khasar had already died.

In the capsule, the player will find the lost PDA Voice log of the emissary from capsule 13.

Not far from the Lifepod 13 in the area of ​​the Western Mushroom Forest, the player can also find:

  • next to the capsule – giant size Mushroom tree at the roots of which has an entrance to the cave
  • 120 m south of the capsule – a canyon begins on the bottom surface, which serves as a threshold to the entrance to one of the Alien caches

Cyclops Fragments

In order to assemble “Cyclops”, we need 3 types of blueprints: engine, hull and bridge.

Some of them you may find in mushroom forest. They are: 2 Hull Fragments and 2 Bridge Fragments. 

Cyclops Hull Fragment
First Cyclops Hull Fragment
Cyclops Hull Fragment
Second Cyclops Hull Fragment
Cyclops Bridge Fragment
First Cyclops Bridge Fragment
Cyclops Bridge Fragment
Second Cyclops Bridge Fragment

To complete these blueprints, you need to find 3 fragments of each of the blueprints. You can find most of the parts around the Lifepod 13 as they are the easiest and safest to find. Try to find all the fragments and complete both of these blueprints before moving on to finding the wreckage.

Moon Pool Fragments

Moon Pool Fragment
Moon Pool Fragment

Moon Pool is a naval base module where you can dock a Moth or a CRAB suit for maintenance, modification and recharging.

For Moon Pool equipment, you need to scan fragments of it. Several of these fragments can be found in the Mushroom Forest Biome at depths of 150m and 160m.

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Cave

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Cave

In the Forest of Mushrooms biome, you can find a giant coral tree with tunnels in its trunk leading into a network of unique caves. They are distinguished from the rest by the characteristic Blue Clusters, which grow in rows of glowing tubes. These rows run along the corridors, so they can be used for orientation in space.

Intricate Tunnel System

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Cave

The caves are large enough for the Seamoth submarine to squeeze through. But this is typical for entrances, you will have to swim into the side corridors without equipment.

Besides the large coral tree, there are other entrances. In them, you can find the transition to the Lava Caves, in which the flowing lava is visible.

Moreover, the caves of the mushroom forest subnautica are connected to the caves of the tuber zone through the cave of an underground volcano.

There are also similar caves in the Western Mushroom Forest biome. They are located inside a giant mushroom tree. The caves are not so extensive, but care must be taken when exploring them.

Useful Caves Resources

Subnautica Mushroom Forest Cave

The caves do not differ in a special variety of flora and fauna, but clusters of glowing Grue plants are often found, giving the caves a special look. There are oil shale deposits. Moreover, here you can mine gold and collect lithium. Enemies are practically not found here, so you can travel along the corridors, collect resources and admire.

In the depths of the cave, in its largest part, there is a hidden egg of a cute creature. A similar egg can be found in the western subnautica mushroom forest biome.

Mushroom Forest Resources

In the Mushroom Forest, you can find many useful resources that will come in handy for crafting in the future. Moreover, apart from the various fragments mentioned above, you can find some useful plant seeds as well as fish eggs.

Materials Seeds Creature Eggs
Climbing Algae Seed
Boneshark Egg
Vein Nettle Seed
Jellyray Egg
Acid Mushroom
Dwarf Fan Seed
Crystal Pitchblende
Blue Palm Seed
Salt Crystal
Acid Fungus Spore
Gel Sac Spores
Mushroom Sample
Plate Coral Sample

Flora, Fauna and Corals

Also, in the biome of the Mushroom Forest, unique representatives of flora and fauna can come across, and in some places it can be completely dangerous. So be on the alert!

Moreover, here you can find some types of corals. Some of them are purely decorative, but some can give you useful resources or even oxygen.

Flora Fauna Corals
Acid Mushroom
Brain Coral
Grue Cluster
Jordi's Tung
Pygmy Fan
Slanted Shell Plate
Tree Leech
Tree Mushroom
Table Coral
Veined Nettle
Reefback Leviathan
Writhing Weed
Shoal of Fish

You can also find such rocks in the mushroom forest as:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Purple bump
  • Slate

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