Nile Valley Review

04.21.2022 | By Yaroslav Moklyak

Nile Valley Review

Welcome to the Nile valley! This is a mobile farm simulator created by outstanding game development company Stepico Games, where players are tasked with helping Amisi and Asibo deal with tricky situations during their family farm adventures. The game will have players explore the wild territories of ancient Egypt along with the young married couple. Players will also have to find the best farmland to seed and harvest to eventually build a strong and prosperous farm and Village.

On the one hand, in the contrasting atmosphere of the hot desert and the cool shade of date palms, the development of a farm made of healthy grains and sweet fruits. On the other hand — the advancement of the plot, the disclosure of the secrets of Ancient Egypt, capricious gods, and cunning merchants leading caravans from neighboring countries.

Nile Valley is a mobile game, which combines classic farm gameplay with farmland, crafts and resources, as well as adventures – the secrets of Ancient Egypt, harsh weather conditions and cunning merchants.

Nile Valley NPC

This is the story of a young couple who got lost on the Nile, and started a new life, rebuilding everything from home and a small plot where they grew something.

Asibo is a balanced, calm man, a farmer for generations. While Amisi is an adventurer, she is constantly running somewhere looking for something.

In their research, they will find a lot of interesting things – from the old trade routes with nomadic merchants, to the various sacred cats of Egypt, who will live in their settlement, and give unique bonuses.

Main Game Activities

Farm — plant & harvest crops, feed animals & get animal products

Build — set up production buildings

Produce — craft products using the resources gathered on the location

Explore — investigate the territory to get more resources and discover new locations

Nile Valley Activities
The consistent quest chain keeps the users involved in the farm growing & area exploring processes.

Game Features

  • Market is necessary in the game so that players can exchange goods with other players by selling and buying resources and products.
  • Boat serves to allow the player to sell his products and harvest in exchange for coins, experience, and resources.
  • Blessings is the game feature which gives some bonuses for players.
  • Daily Rewards is a feature to When players enter the game they receive a daily reward once a day.
  • Collections is a mechanic with the help of which the player can exchange the collected elements for a reward.
Nile Valley Game Features

Nile Valley will provide players with many attractive features to build their growing Village. They will be able to add factories and farms to their cities and secure resources for the manufacture of valuable materials needed for agriculture, travel, buildings and quests.

The game will also give players the opportunity to plant and harvest crops and feed animals to get animal products in their pursuit to develop the best farm. Players may also participate in mini-games on these farms and other venues.
Other important features of the game include the presence of spectacular visuals filled with history and natural beauty and several famous game characters with backstage to learn.


The Team About Creation Of Nile Valley

Behind every successful game is a long and essential set of instruments and stages. With our Nile Valley game, team members describe the processes included in the full game development cycle
  1. Eugene Loginov, Game Producer: The main task is to pull out all the stops to get the result that we have expected in the beginning. The task is never 100% achievable, but the enthusiasm to try again has no limits.
  2. Sergiy Bukatar. Tech Lead: I develop the right architecture and control its implementation: the wheat is growing, the trees are being cut down, the stone and ore are being extracted, and the houses are being built. The characters and the gamers are glad about the development of the territory of Ancient Egypt.
  3. Anna Zablotska, Artist: My main task is to turn “boring” objects into attractive gaming assets: it is a so-called project “find and shows the charisma of anything.”
  4. Roman Dymov, QA: My main aim is to provide the quality which will correspond to our expectations and let the end-user avoid problems in their gaming way.
  5. Serhii Yushchenko, Lead Game Designer: I filter and painlessly let go of the things we would want to add to the game since there is a vast difference between a wish and an actual necessity.
  6. Anastasiia Holub, PM: I keep the focus of our team on our main aim – to make a game, the link to which we will not be ashamed to share with our friends and relatives 🙂

Final Words

Nile Valley provides players with an entertaining gameplay style with several elements commonly seen in many farming simulators. However, the game is also filled with several other additions, which saves it from being just another farming game.

Features like the inclusion of mini-games at farms and other locations provide a diverse experience to players and help in making the game unique.

However, the main feature that appears to make it a standout from the rest is undoubtedly the presence of an ancient Egyptian setting. Adding ancient characters into the game is another inclusion that enhances its historical aspects. The past stories told by these characters will be a welcome feature for lovers of history. It will also provide gamers with insights into the history of Egypt.
Nile valley is a fun game that perfectly combines entertainment with history.