Overlord Raising Hell Review

Overlored Rising Hell

Overlord: Raising Hell is an rpg, action and logic game developed by Triumph Studios for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, and the following features can be distinguished: role-playing game, action, protagonist villain, fantasy, third-person, adventure game, for one player, humor, strategy, funny and others. You will have access to such game modes as “single player”.

Worldwide, the Overlord Raising Hell game is modeled on a one-time purchase by Codemasters publisher. At the moment, the game stage is running, and its release date is 12/12/2009.

The official description of the game:

How evil can you become? Find out how perverted you are in Overlord, a tangled fantasy combat adventure where you can be evil (or really evil). In the seriously warped-up fantasy world of the game, players will become Lord and experience first-hand how unlimited power perverts unlimitedly.
Overlored Rising Hell

Today, among a host of clones, remakes, and monotonous catchy games that have all the advantages, except for fresh ideas, Overlord looks like a real alien. By the degree of concentration of defiant, gushing originality, this project is perceived against the background of its colleagues as something unreal.

The eyes of journalists and ordinary players, obscured by modern games, when becoming acquainted with the brainchild of Triumph Studio, increase to the size that would be the envy of typical anime heroes, and sternly compressed lips after a few minutes begin to blur inadvertently in a smile.

Of course, if you wish, in Overlord video game you can find some kind of borrowing, hidden or explicit references to other games. First of all, many will remember Dungeons Keepers 1-2 and Fable – some will even call it a fun mixture of these iconic cult projects. And they will be right in something.

However, the charm of Overlord lies in the fact that, using a concept similar to Dungeons Keepers and a humorous fantasy lubok from Fable (in other words, all the achievements of Peter our Moulinier), the Dutch developers made an absolutely independent product that differs in its own style and principles of the gameplay.

Overlored Rising Hell

The plot of the game Overlord Raising Hell

Players with experience hearing about the Dungeons Keepers will immediately understand what is happening. We again have to play the role of an evil and uncultured lord – that is, the same keeper, not just a dungeon, but a personal tower. A mockery of classic fantasy stories can be seen a mile away: there are all the usual components of typical stories about the struggle between the “good” and “bad”, but the authors suggest that we visit the other side of the barricades, having experienced all the hardships of serving world evil.

The plot is as follows – once the “bright” heroes, joining forces, destroyed the stronghold of barbarism and cruelty, literally taking our lord apart. After that, his innate sociability and desire to be closer to the staff came in handy: devoted assistants took the master’s carcass out of the wreckage, cleaned it of debris, put it on its feet and stared delightedly at it with small evil eyes – what, they say, further, chief?

And then – total restoration work in order to bring to a former state both the tower, and its reputation, and the surrounding lands, just longing for liberation from the influence of good heroes – and passing revenge on them.

Overlored Rising Hell

On the way to the final video, we have to freely (the absence of a strictly specified order of completing missions – one of the charm of Overlord Rising Hell) visit colorful, full of ironic grotesque, the land of elves, dwarves and halflings, overcoming the resistance of six bosses. And so that the hand does not flinch, all the good heroes (and the lord himself, by the way, too) are endowed with one of the seven biblical sins, which they personify. One after defeating evil became a slave of gluttony, the other – lust, the third – greed, the fourth – causeless anger, etc. As a result, even their own subjects howled from their oppression, which our overlord actively uses.

True, in relations with the population, he is also not too constrained by any framework: we are free to kill the innocent, ignore them or help them. Depending on this, you can be evil or very evil: this, in particular, affects the ending of the game and the content of the final video. In addition, as in Fable, the appearance of the hero is changing – the causeless aggression and blood of the civilian population are materialized by spikes on the armor, sparks enveloping the character’s body, and even the gloomy-bloody decor of the throne room in our tower. Yes, you heard right – the turret can be equipped and designed according to your own taste.

Overlored Rising Hell

Unlike Neverwinter Nights 2, the arrangement of the fortress in Overlord video game is purely decorative, aesthetic in nature: no one will storm it. But to choose what flags and statues will frame the throne, how the tower itself and its walls will look quite exciting too. The craving for self-affirmation (how I and my housing will look – it’s up to me!) And satisfaction of vanity (investing in decor is expensive and, by and large, pointless, but that’s all) is another important aspect of interest in the Triumph Studio project.

The near-role flirting does not end there: in Overlord Rising Hell you can increase the reserves of life and mana, improve the parameters of weapons and armor (to make them, you must first equip the forge in the tower, and then find several sources of more or less effective materials) and even acquire various spells – from standard “fireball”, to disorienting enemy spells.

And what do we see in the end – another parody RPG? Yes, but not only … The main highlight of Overlord Rising Hell is the ability to tactically control its assistants, the very ones who put the evil hero on his feet and froze in anticipation of his orders.

Our favorite Goblins (Minions)

Overlored Rising Hell

Remember the once-popular film “Gremlins” and its main characters – small, fussy, funny, but very aggressive creatures resembling a cross between a devil and a goblin – is he a classic imp? They are like a crowd of distant and vaguely familiar relatives from the provinces who came to the wedding: they will break everything, drink, eat, stain, “give in the face” and with a cheerful boom they will go away. Or they won’t even get out – that’s how lucky.

So, imagine now that in Overlord the lion’s share of game problems is solved precisely with their help. The mechanism is as follows: killing different animals, we collect souls, each of which gives life to one minion – this may remind Sacrifice of something. The more souls, the more gremlins await our order in their underground burrows. With simple mouse movements, we can drag them out of the den, or hide them for the time being.

Orders are just as easily given to those who are already obediently running after them – with the left button of the button, the devils rush in the indicated direction, guided by only two desires: to kill and destroy everything that is possible, so that later they can bring everything that was obtained from barrels, boxes and chests gold to its master. After all, equipping a tower, making weapons and armor costs money, and rather big ones. On the right button, the team runs back behind the back of the patron, which is useful in boss battles, where the most important thing is to protect the devils from enemy attacks.

Overlored Rising Hell

You can directly control the movement of your small army: holding both mouse buttons, we are free to move the mouse around the screen, like an artist with a brush on a canvas. Gremlins with a funny hoot will obediently rush through the territory after our hand. Management only at first seems tricky, but in fact you get used to it very quickly – in fact it is so intuitive that you wonder how nobody has thought of such simple and very effective solutions before.

If you think that all this is for fun, then you are mistaken no less fatal than George W. Bush in Iraq. Our little evil friends are a real force, especially if they gather in large numbers. Like locusts or piranhas, they kill enemies armed to the teeth in a few seconds (or rather even demolish their way), break out massive doors and turn upside down a huge kitchen, like a stadium. Therefore, in worries about balance, the authors limited the number of tomboys that can be under our control at the same time.

In the course of the game, these frames are gradually moved apart – but only if the gremlins deliver the corresponding artifact to the tower. In addition to weapons and gold, devils can carry various burdens, open locking mechanisms, extinguish fire, swim and even disinfect poison-contaminated territories. True, not everyone knows how to do this – in the game there are four kinds of enrages, each with its own properties and individual color.

  • Browns – those that are available to us initially (in order to call the others, you must first bring their lair to the tower) – they can neither one nor the other, nor the third, but they are the most powerful and tenacious fighters.
  • The Reds are excellent firefighters and, moreover, well-aimed shooters, throwing fire at the enemy before he can understand what happened.
  • Green – are resistant to poison, with all the ensuing consequences, and, in addition, they can sneak up on the enemy from behind and jump on his neck.
  • Blue – skilled swimmers and magicians, capable of becoming invisible and resurrect fallen colleagues in the hellish craft.

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