Best 15 Soundfall Tips for Beginners

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Soundfall Tips

I have learned that many players have difficulty with rhythm games. Players write on forums and ask for advice, as they can’t concentrate and feel the rhythm in the game.

I did not expect this, because once I played the game Crypt of the Necrodancer, where keeping the rhythm is a must and sometimes may be difficult. In turn, Soundfall is a little easier, because here it is not so necessary to play the rhythm, and in general the game is not as difficult to master. But newcomers to the genre have difficulty during a walkthrough.

For this reason, I decided to write this guide and mention the 15 Soundfall tips for beginners, to become better at Soundfall and rhythm games in general.

Moreover, you may find some interesting information about gameplay, weapons, rewards, characters, and more in our Soundfall review.

1. Attack in Rhythm with Music

Soundfall Attack

Try not to attack your enemies all the time without rhythm, as it won’t do much damage to your enemies. Attack when the rhythm matches with the center of the metronome counter to get maximum damage from each attack. If you do it right, even the weakest weapon will do enough damage to kill enemies in a couple of hits.

If you’re new to the rhythm game genre and you’re not doing quite well at the beginning of the game – don’t worry, that’s okay. Over time you will get used to it and understand the whole point of such mechanics.

2. Keep an Eye on the Chain Meter

Soundfall Chain Meter

At each level of Soundfall, you gain certain points that indicate how successfully you’ve completed the level. One of the best ways to gain these points is to increase the Chain Meter (located above the health bar). To increase your Chain Meter, you need to follow the metronome and attack your enemies to the beat of the music.

Be careful, because skipping a beat can reset the counter and cancels all the bonuses you accumulated while passing the level.

Chain Meter can be increased up to 20 levels or even more, which in turn will multiply your final score by x1.5-x2 and give many bonuses after passing the level. Learn to get into a rhythm and increase your Chain Meter as much as possible to earn more rewards.

3. Check the Rating and Characteristics of Items in the Store

Soundfall has a large number of weapons and other armor that can be equipped and increase their characteristics. Without it, it will be extremely difficult for you to progress through the game, as your opponents will be stronger in every next level.

Before each level, you’ll have a store where you can buy different items for your characters. However, don’t buy everything in a row. Pay attention to the level and rarity of the item. Moreover, look at the characteristics of the items and compare it with your equipment in order to buy the highest quality weapons.

It is also not necessary to buy something in the store if the proposed choice of weapon or armor you do not like. It may be worth buying after the next level when the goods will be better and stronger.

4. Control Your Gold

As in any other game, gold is an important resource in Soundfall. I’ve mentioned before about the store, where you can buy weapons and other equipment.

However, the items in the store are not the cheapest, and the gold in the game is not infinite. It’s important to monitor your gold balance and buy only the most necessary items.

Sometimes it makes sense to hold on to the gold and not buy anything so that after a few rounds you can fully stock up on new and stronger weapons.

5. Study Your Opponents

Soundfall has many different locations with a variety of opponents. Each of them has its own characteristics, defense, attacks, and more.

Some enemies are best killed quickly in close combat to prevent them from attacking from a distance. Other, larger enemies are better kept at a distance and attacked with ranged weapons, as they can do significant damage to you if you fail to dodge them.

6. Combine Weapons and Combat Styles

Soundfall Melee Attack

In addition to the advice above, I would like to mention that Soundfall has both melee and ranged weapons. Of course, you can only use one of the two types, but you will have a much harder time getting through the game with it.
It is very important to combine melee and ranged attacks to kill enemies as quickly and effectively as possible.

Moreover, it will help you to find your own fighting style and improve your gaming skills. For example, I prefer ranged attacks, which I often use, but if necessary, I switch to a melee weapon.

Don’t forget about evasion, because it is also very important in the battle and will help you to save a significant amount of health.

7. Use a Spread Shot Weapon

Soundfall has many locations and arenas where you have to fight many enemies at once. In such situations, a weapon that attacks multiple enemies is of great help to you.

As a matter of fact, such weapons have less damage, accuracy, and generally worse characteristics, but they allow you to kill crowds of enemies much faster.

If you can’t maneuver or dodge enemies, this type of weapon may be worth trying.

8. Choose the Proper Armor

Armor is as much a part of Soundfall as weapons are. Without armor upgrades, it will be difficult to move through the game, as it is not always possible to dodge enemy attacks.

The right armor can greatly improve the gameplay and even save your character from death. Armor can be found during a playthrough, however, the strongest gear can usually be purchased from the shop. The average cost of armor in the store can be from 500 to 650 gold, which is not cheap. Therefore, it is important to choose the right armor before buying.

If you are good at dodging enemies, parrying attacks, and so on, then you can pick up armor that increases damage, or that gives additional skills for dodging.

If you’re having trouble with this, you might be better off looking at heavier armor that increases defense, absorbs more damage, can increase health, and so on.

9. Use the Ultimate Ability Wisely

Each character in Soundfall has its own ultimate ability that can deal massive damage to enemies. However, this ability has its own cooldown. Moreover, before use, you need to score enough points by killing monsters to charge the ability (the ultimate ability counter is under the character’s health bar).

Since this ability can only be used a few times per level, do not rush to use it immediately after charging. It is better to save it for the moment when you will fight many monsters at once, or for a boss fight.

10. Choose the Weapon with Special Abilities

The weapon, like armor, can provide special abilities and passive buffs that will greatly enhance your character. Moreover, it can be a decisive moment in some battles, especially on a difficult level of the game.

Some of the most effective weapon bonuses I have identified are the following:

  • Character movement speed increase
  • Additional damage per second
  • Summation of attacks that multiply increases your damage

However, it is important to understand that in order to receive these bonuses, you need to shoot to the beat of the music.

11. Use Dash to Dodge the Attacks

One of the most important abilities of each character in Soundfall is Dash, which allows you to quickly move in combat between enemies. Dash allows players to quickly move in any direction, which can be used to close the distance between you and enemies, dodge attacks, or get as far away from enemies as you need.

Dash has 3 charges that can be used. Each of the charges has a cooldown, so you should use them wisely.

12. Turn on the Metronome

If you find it difficult to play in time with the music, you can include a special metronome for yourself, which will help you get used to the beginning of the game. The metronome produces regular metric ticks to help you feel and keep the beat as you play. Once enabled, it will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Turn On the Metronome?

Initially, the metronome is disabled and does not appear on the player’s screen. To turn on the metronome, you need to go to the sound options menu and select one of the three metronome display options:

  • Never: This is the default setting and removes the metronome from the game
  • Always: The metronome is active and always on
  • After no Recent On-beat Input: The metronome activates and adjusts to the song after you lose the beat

13. Try to Play Without Sound

If you are trying a rhythm game for the first time and find it difficult to play to a certain rhythm, turn the sound off and focus on the visuals.

It sounds strange, but in Soundfall everything moves to the rhythm of the music, and without sound, you will fully focus on the picture and start noticing how all the objects move to the beat, which will help you play to the beat along with them.

It is important to consider that peripheral vision is an important technique that is used to play rhythm games. This method will also help you develop this skill, better navigate the game and dodge enemy attacks.

Once you get used to it, turn up the volume and try playing along with the rhythm.

14. Get into a Comfortable Position

Concentration is very important in rhythm games, especially for beginners. Even if you get distracted for a second, you can lose the pace of the game, which will be very difficult to return to.

Before the game, sit comfortably and create good conditions for the game so that nothing distracts you and you can concentrate.

15. Try Your Own Music

Another tip to help you play in rhythm with the music. In Soundfall you can import your music and the game will adapt to it. This can help you a lot, as you subconsciously already know exactly the rhythm of your favorite songs, which will help you keep pace in the game.

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