Dragon Age: Origins Companions Guide

Dragon Age Origins Companions

In Dragon Age: Origins, a lot of emphases is placed on companions, as you play in a squad of 4 characters. The success of the game depends on the strength of the companions.

Your 10 companions will play a very important role in all gameplay. If you make friends with them and build strong relationships, you can receive some bonuses for your abilities, as well as gain access to side quests and unique dialogues during the game.

You can also go beyond friendship and start dating some characters. Moreover, do not forget that a companion can leave the Gray Warden if the approval level of your relationship reaches -100. In addition, if you are tired of some Dragon Age companions, you can say goodbye to some of them by yourself. Moreover, in some crisis situations, some companions may get angry with you and turn into an enemy.

Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide to Dragon Age Origins companions, in which you will learn the characteristics of the characters, where and how to find them, how to improve relations, and which squad is best to assemble for your character.

Alistair (Human, Warrior)


How to Find: He joins your team at the beginning of the game automatically, before you start a Grey Wardens quest in Ostagar.

Specialization: Templar.

Bonus for Good Relationships: constitution.

Alistair is a cheerful and good-natured guy, the first constant companion of the Gray Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. He is a former Templar and one of only two survived Gray Wardens from the Battle of Ostagar.

Alistair is very loyal and will not leave, even if you achieve a level of influence and approval in -100.  Moreover, if you reach a high level of approval, then Alistair will help you to become a Templar. It is possible to get rid of this companion, only if you don’t kill Loghain.

Alistair is an extremely useful character who can become an integral part of the team without any problems. He has many bonuses and features, which can make him an excellent defensive warrior in your team. Moreover, can say you lots of interesting information during conversations, which can help to make the right decision.

Moreover, the plot of the first part of Dragon Age is very closely related to this character, and he can also influence the plot of the second and third parts. Therefore, he is one of the most important companions of the Gray Warden.

If you are not playing as a defender warrior, then this character is irreplaceable in your party, especially at high difficulty levels, as it is one of the best Dragon Age Origins companions!

Gifts for Alistair

  • Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet
  • Duncan’s Shield
  • Joining Chalice
  • Onyx Demon Statuette
  • Small Carved Statuette
  • White Runestone
  • Stone Warrior Statuette
  • Stone Dragon Statuette
Alistair Hero

Morrigan (Human, Magician)

Morrigan Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: You will meet Morrigan in the Korcari Wilds during a story quest. She will join the team after the Battle of Ostagar.

Specialization: Werewolf.

Bonus for Good Relationships: magic.

Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, apostate mage, powerful mage and werewolf, able to take the form of various animals.

Even though she doesn’t get along well with the rest of the squad, she is a very useful companion in combat. Morrigan often disapproves of the main character’s good deeds, but at the same time is grateful when she is treated well in conversation. The plot of the Dragon Age: Origins game is closely related to her, and she has many unique lines for conversation.

If you reach a high level of relationship with her, Morrigan can teach the Gray Warden, or other members of the group, how to change form.

You can have a romance with Morrigan. However, you need to try hard at the beginning to get success.

All in all, Morrigan can be an excellent damage dealer at the party. You can use her as healer support, but we suggest you use her as an attacking mage. Furthermore, she has some attacking abilities at the very beginning.

Gifts for Morrigan

  • Black Grimoire
  • Flemeth’s Grimoire
  • Gold Amulet
  • Golden Demon Pendant
  • Golden Mirror
  • Golden Rope Necklace
  • Locket
  • Silver Brooch
  • Silver Chain
  • Silver Medallion
Morrigan Drago Age Origins Companion

Leliana (Human, Rogue)

Leliana Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: Leliana can be found in a tavern near a farmer’s fields in the town of Lothering. She will help you in a fight, after which you can take her to the squad.

Specialization: Bard.

Bonus for Good Relationships: cunning.

Leliana is a bard from Orlesian who joined the church in Lothering. This is the first character of the Rogue class that you can take to your squad. She will be able to detect traps of enemies and open locked chests.

Leliana can have a romantic interest in both a male and female character. This companion was not very well revealed in this part of the game, and it has the least memorable scenes шт Dragon Age: Origins. At the same time, there is a whole game addition, which is dedicated to Leliana.

After you reach enough trust points with Leliana, she can teach you the specialization of the bard.

Important: Leliana supports the good deeds of the Gray Warden, and immoral behavior can force her to leave the team. Moreover, if during the “Urn of the Sacred Ashes” quest you defile the ashes of Andraste, Leliana will leave you.

Gifts for Leliana

  • Andraste’s Grace
  • Blue Satin Shoes
  • Bronze Symbol of Andraste
  • Chantry AmuletChantry
  • Amulet
  • Etched Silver Symbol
  • Golden Symbol of Andraste
  • Cute Nug
  • Silver Sword of Mercy
  • Steel Symbol of Andraste
Leliana Dragon Age Companion

Zevran (Elf, Rogue)

Zevran Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: On one of the road encounters between locations, after completing several quests, Zevran will attack you with a squad of Antivan Ravens and try to kill you. After the victory, you can kill him or let to join your team.

Specification: Assassin.

Bonus for Good Relations: dexterity, strength.

Zevran is an experienced rogue elf who arrived from Antiva. Firstly, this character may seem ambiguous, and other companions will not trust him.

Zevran, like Leliana, can become a love interest for both male and female Gray Warden heroes. Moreover, if you have enough trust points with a Zevran, he can teach you the Assassin specialization.

This character can be extremely useful in battles, as he can be the main damage dealer and cause a large amount of damage to enemies.

Despite the fact that the plot of the Dragon Age is not very much related to Zevran, many players like him for the character, flirting, and interesting dialogues.

Warning: You need to mend your relationship with Zevran as quickly as possible, otherwise he might be persuaded to betray you by the Antivan Ravens. It’s also important to mention that Zevran is the only companion who doesn’t have a personal quest.

Gifts for Zevran

  • Antivan Leather Boots
  • Dalish Gloves
  • Medium Gold Bar
  • Medium Silver Bar
  • Small Gold Bar
  • Small Silver Bar
Zevran Dragon Age Companion

Sten (Qunari, Warrior)

Stan Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: Stan can be found in the southern part of Lothering. He will be in a cage from which you can free him by talking to the merciful Mother in the church (it will be much easier with Leliana in the group).

Specialization: Warrior of the Beresaad.

Bonus for Good Relations: strength.

Stan – Qunari, born on Segeron, the silent warrior of Beresaad’s vanguard. He is disciplined, follows the code of honor (Qun). Stan’s attitude towards other members of the team, the Gray Warden, and NPCs depends on whether they managed to deserve his respect.

The warrior specializes in powerful attacks with a two-handed sword. Moreover, he has good stamina, armor, and a large supply of health. This makes Stan a great addition to your party, as he can do a lot as a damage dealer and absorb damage as a tank at the same time.

It’s important to remember that you can’t have an affair with Stan. Also, the companion has a personal quest “The Sword of the Beresaad”, after which he gets an excellent weapon.

Gifts for Stan

  • Painting of the Rebel Queen
  • Portrait of a Goosegirl
  • Silver-Framed Still Life
  • Sten’s Sword
  • Totem
  • Water-Stained Portrait
Stan Dragon Age Companion

Wynne (Human, Magician)

Wynne Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: Travel to the Circle of Mages and find Wynne in front of a sealed door protecting children from demons.

Specialization: Spiritual Healer.

Bonus for Good Relations: willpower.

Wynne is a mage of the Ferelden Circle of Mages, who is a potential companion for the Gray Warden. She is a wonderful magician-healer, as well as an extremely positive character, and is highly revered both in the Circle of Mages and among the templars.

With all this, Wynne’s story is not particularly revealed in the plot, and she also does not appear in the rest of the Dragon Age game, except for a couple of additions.

Due to her healing abilities, Wynne is one of the most important companion of the squad, especially on difficult levels of the game, where you cannot survive without a healer.

Warning: Before Wynne joins your team in the Tower of Mages, there are many dialogue options in which she will attack you. Moreover, if the Gray Warden tries to defile the Ashes of Andraste, Wynne will try to stop you.

Gifts for Wynne

  • Discovering Dragon’s Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces
  • Fancy Scroll
  • Tattered Notebook
  • The Guerrins of Ferelden
  • The Rose of Orlais
  • The Search for the True Prophet
  • Wine
Wynne Dragon Age Companion

Oghren (Gnome, Warrior)

Oghren Dragon Age Companion

How to Find: Oghren will join the team of the Gray Warden at the start of the quest ‘Anvil of the Void ‘ in Orzamar. You will meet him near the entrance to the Deep Roads, where he will offer his services as a warrior.

Specialization: Berserk.

Bonus for Good Relations: constitution.

Oghren is a rude dwarf berserker, drunkard, joker, merry fellow, and a nobleman with a tragic history. It is the best way to describe this character. He is one of the Gray Warden’s companions in Dragon Age: Origins, and also appears in the ‘Awakening’ addon.

Unfortunately, Oghren’s story is not very well developed, and he does not affect the plot in any way, and as a character, he is not very interesting. For this reason, many fans did not even remember him. At the same time, Oghren still has interesting and funny quotes that this character is notable for.

One of the advantages of Oghren is that if you establish relations with Oghren he will be able to teach you the specialization “Berserker”. Moreover, it is difficult to offend him in dialogues, therefore, it is easy to establish relations with him.

Gifts for Oghren

  • Ale
  • Alley King’s Flagon
  • Chasind Sack Mead
  • Garbolg’s Backcountry Reserve
  • Golden Scythe 4:90 Black
  • Legacy White Shear
  • Sun Blonde Vint-1
  • Wilhelm’s Special Brew
Oghren Dragon Age Origins Companion

Loghain (Human, Warrior)

Loghain Dragon Age Origins Companion

How to Find: You will meet him throughout the entire plot of the game, but he can become a companion only at the end of the game. During the Landsmeet you can challenge him and after the victory makes him a Gray Warden.

Specialization: Knight.

Loghain is an experienced, arrogant, and famous warrior, secret companion and an ally of King Maric. Many players do not like this character for obvious reasons, but there are those who are not against Loghain. At the same time, he is more a negative character than a positive one.

Warning! If you agree to make Loghain the Gray Warden and recruit him into your team, Alistair will leave your party anyway. Therefore, you can choose only one of the companions.

Gifts for Loghain

  • Botanist’s Map of Thedas
  • Current Map of Ferelden
  • Ancient Map of the Imperium
  • Map of Occupied Ferelden
  • Map of the Anderfels
Loghain Dragon Age Companion

Shale (Stone Golem, Warrior)

Shale Dragon AgeOrigins Companion

How to Find: You can find Shale in the village of Honnleath during the quest “The Stone Prisoner”. At the end of the quest, you will be able to activate Shale with the golem control wand.

Bonus for Good Relations: strength.

Shale is a war golem created on the Anvil of the Void to protect dwarven from the darkspawn. It is important to mention that the character is only available with the “Stone Prisoner” DLC. Moreover, this companion is almost not revealed in the game, and also has absolutely no influence on the next parts of the Dragon Age game.

Shale can only be improved with the help of special crystals that will come across the world. This companion can be a good warrior that absorbs damage and attacks enemies in the area, but at the same time, there are much stronger warriors who can be taken into the squad.

Gifts for Shale

  • Remarkable Amethyst
  • Remarkable Diamond
  • Remarkable Emerald
  • Remarkable Garnet
  • Remarkable Greenstone
  • Remarkable Malachite
  • Remarkable Ruby
  • Remarkable Sapphire
  • Remarkable Topaz
Shale Dragon Age Companion

Mabari (Animal, Dog)

Dog Dragon Age Companion

How to Find: You can get a Dog in two ways. Heal the Dog before the battle of Ostagar, and it will find you after the battle (automatic cut-scene). Or choose to play a human noble, and it will be with you from the beginning of the game.

Dog (Mabari) is a member of the group, with its own special combat skills that he can learn, as well as with elements of armor – collar and war paint.

Even considering that this companion is almost impossible to interact with, many players love the Dog as a real one. At the same time, the dog is very smart and your companions will often talk to it.

Fun fact: after the battle, you can order Mabari to lick your clothes, and the armor will shine clean again.

Unfortunately, the dog is not as strong a companion as other warriors, and it is much inferior to them in stamina and damage, so it has a benefit only at the beginning of the game.

At the same time, there is a special addition, in which you can take your pet as the fifth member of the team (analogous to calling a pet in the second part of the Dragon Age video game).

Warning! To get the dog, make sure you go to the hound before going to the Korcari Wilds, and also before going through the Gray Warden ritual. Only then can you get yourself a dog.

Gifts for Dog

  • Beef Bone
  • Found Cake
  • Lamb Bone
  • Large Bone
  • Ox Bone
  • Tangled Ball of Yarn
  • Veal Bone
Dog Dragon Age Origins Companion

Team Composition Recommendations

The table provides basic recommendations for active party members depending on the class and proximity of your hero:

Class Alignment Recommended Companions
Alistair, Wynne, Leliana
Alistair, Leliana, Mabari (or Oghren)
Alistair, Wynne, Mabari (or Oghren)
Morrigan, Sten, Zevran
Sten, Zevran, Oghren
Sten, Zevran, Oghren

Subjective Recommendation

I have played the game several times at a high level of difficulty, and I can say for sure that Alistair and Sword are indispensable companions in any team (unless you play as Warrior-Tank or Mage-Healer).

Moreover, it is easily possible to add Morrigan or Stan for damage to such a team, and balance in dialogues to have good relations with all companions.

Relationship Scale


  • – 100: crisis (Alistair hate you, the rest have a signal to attack or leave).
  • – 99 – 26: dislike.
  • – 25 – + 25: neutral.


  • 26 – 75 – warmth (the first dialogues about the past of companions are initiated, they can open a specialization, and they are also able to issue a personal quest)
  • 76 – 100 – friendship (they will thank for the support, and can give something).

Romantic relationship:

  • 26 – 50 – interest (in addition to the usual “friendly” bonuses, allies start flirting).
  • 51 – 70 – care
  • 71 – 90 – attraction
  • 91 – 100 – love

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